Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips

What eye contact do you make when flirting?

What do your eyes say about you? Do you betray yourself with your eye contact with others? It must have happened to you some time. You go out for a pleasant evening and see a beautiful woman. However, you don’t dare to look her in the eye, because eyes say and do everything. You watch her and quickly go back to the bar to order a new beer.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t just happen to you. Many men (and women as well) find it difficult to make eye contact. There can be several reasons for this. It can be purely about shyness. It may also be that you do not know exactly how to do this. You may think deep down that when you make eye contact you have already exposed a lot of yourself. Good news! After reading this article, eye contact will no longer cause you any problems.

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Rules of flirting through eye contact: the right degree of dominance

There are a number of rules you need to know to achieve what you want through eye contact. After all, you can only leave the first impression once. Your eye contact is the most important of all nonverbal signals. In the first moments of eye contact, by applying these rules you can show that you are not an enemy. In fact, you can conquer hearts in the first seconds. These techniques can be applied not only during a night out but everywhere. And that is exactly what I recommend to you.

First, it is important to know that you are never the first to break eye contact. It may feel like a strange situation, but it is a matter of showing that you are comfortable with yourself, with the other person, and with the situation. You communicate dominance and that is not something you should feel ashamed of. You just take your place, nothing more. Teach yourself this by not looking away first. After a while, it becomes a habit and you will find the right balance.

Rules of flirting through eye contact

While you have and keep eye contact, it’s time for the second step. Show that you recognize the other. You do this by means of your body language. For example, by showing a smile, or raising and lowering your eyebrow quickly and slightly, as a greeting. This also removes the static view of the counterparty. A dimension of interaction has been added.

Rules of flirting through eye contact: focus on one eye

The next step may sound strange, but it works. When making eye contact, try to focus only on one eye. This does not mean that you have to squint, but only choose one eye to look in. Why? Because there is a difference between the hemispheres of the brain. The left gives the center for emotion and the right for logic.

If you are sure of your case and you think you can convince the eye contact with a good conversation, then go for the right eye. If you just want to flirt, go for the emotional left eye. Very powerful, give it a try!

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips in practice

Now that the rules are clear, it must of course also be applied. Mirrors are a very useful invention in this situation. After all, you can make eye contact with yourself. Try to convince yourself that you are making eye contact. Of course, a mirror is a reflection of yourself, so that you eventually have to break eye contact ;-). Mirrors are a good place to start.

The next tip is to pay close attention to your posture. Get up, relax, and keep breathing. Anxiety is a factor that can be smelled and seen. Try to subtly eliminate this. When you have found someone with whom you want to make eye contact (and more), first try to clarify for yourself what you want with her. Visualizing in advance at home is a powerful step in achieving your desired goal.

Flirt with a critical eye

Do not forget to always be the first to break eye contact, that is the task of the other party. Show that you recognize her. Smile, raise your glass, or wink and keep looking at her. Starting a conversation is a logical consequence because you should know exactly about this situation.

You made the right first impression. You have shown your interest and you are not ashamed of that. It’s a slightly critical look you have. Admiring but also judging; the interest you have can also take away. Chances are she wants to learn more about you now. Just say the first thing that comes to mind after your eye flirting.

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips by Alice Florence