Everything about the zodiac sign Capricorn

In this extensive horoscope, you can read everything about the zodiac sign Capricorn. How are people with a Capricorn horoscope in love? Which professions suit the Capricorn? What is the Capricorn like as a child? And which zodiac signs match Capricorn?

English: Capricorn.
Date: 22 December to 19 January.

The origin of the zodiac sign Capricorn

The Greek name of the constellation Capricorn is Aigokeros (Latin: Capricorn). The Capricorn is symbolized by the sea god with the head and half body of a goat, and the tail of a fish. According to myth, the goat Amaltheia provided the newborn god Zeus. As a thank you, Zeus later gave her a place among the stars.

capricorn zodiac sign

The constellation Capricorn in short

Typical features of the zodiac sign Capricorn:

Practical and sensible
Serious and disciplined
Cautious and patient
Successful and ambitious
Funny and reserved

But on the other side…

Pessimistic and fatalistic
Lonely and melancholic
Stingy and judgmental

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Properties of the zodiac sign Capricorn

The Capricorn constellation is incredibly stable and serious and is at the forefront of the signs of the zodiac in those traits. A Capricorn is also independent, independent, and very reliable. You can build and count on a Capricorn. A typical Capricorn is confident and strong-willed, as well as calm.

Capricorns work hard, are not put off by their emotions, are practical, have a great sense of responsibility, are persistent, and are very careful. They keep going until they reach their goal. A Capricorn always does a good job. Nor are they afraid to complete a project initiated but abandoned by another pioneering zodiac sign. Because they are so persistent, they quickly become essential in every company they work for.

A Capricorn is always open to taking a critical and honest look at himself. They have a lot of respect for discipline, even when enforced by another, and they also have high demands from people who work together or among them. They are also extremely demanding for themselves. The Capricorn zodiac sign slogs through all of its personal troubles and setbacks: methodological, persistent, stubborn, and unyielding. Someone else would probably have given up long ago in the same situation, but Capricorn continues to persevere, especially if it is for his family or work.

If a job requires both practical skills and ambition, go for a Capricorn! Capricorns want to achieve as much as possible in both the short and long term. They are thrifty, but not stingy, and they always find a way to achieve great results with the least effort and investment. Thanks to their organizational skills, they can successfully complete multiple projects simultaneously.

The Capricorn zodiac sign has a lot of respect for authority and respects the opinions of their superiors. The downside to this is that when they are in control, they are less likely to listen to the opinions of those below them. They expect their subordinates to be as disciplined as themselves, and that every task will be accomplished to their high standard.

Fortunately, the constellation of Capricorn is very reasonable. Serviced and often very conservative, they may not always be the most pleasant of colleagues for many. Tradition is more important to Capricorn than innovation. Capricorns also tend to be very melancholic and pessimistic. A Capricorn therefore often balances on the brink of depression, although fortunately, they are still able to feel happiness, especially if they successfully complete a project. That is why it is extra important for Capricorn to also make time for meditation and self-care so that you always have the strength to deal with your emotions.

Capricorns often seem quiet and reserved, but they can really surprise you with their subtle and dry humor! Just be careful not to make unexpected and inappropriate sarcastic comments. But an experienced and educated Capricorn can happily control this tendency with his iron self-control. You may not expect these hard workers to be interested in spiritual and occult matters, but it is! Although they are skeptical, it continues to fascinate them (secretly or not).

Capricorns are very sharp and intelligent. They think thoroughly and deeply before making a decision, and try to work out all the scenarios and possibilities in their minds first. Capricorns have a memory like an elephant and an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge. They have a rational attitude and good reasoning skills. In addition, they have a strong ability to concentrate. They love to have extensive discussions and trap and outdo their opponents with their intelligence and logic.

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Capricorn zodiac sign in relationships and love

The Capricorn zodiac sign is uncomfortable in relationships, or maybe even deeply unhappy. They are a tad self-centered, but not over the top. With new people, they prefer to keep an eye out for things, and they don’t like to get involved with others. This makes them appear cold and distant, and people often get the wrong idea of ​​them. They are tactful but reserved towards acquaintances. Capricorns therefore usually only have a few, but very good friends. They are intensely loyal, but be careful not to get into a fight with a Capricorn, because then that intensity can easily turn into hostility.

A Capricorn is not likely to jump into a marriage. They prefer to wait very carefully for the right moment, but sometimes they wait so long that they miss the boat. Once married they are very loyal. Capricorns usually marry for life. They can be very jealous.

Suitable professions for the Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorns excel in professions that involve math. They are also very attracted to music. They are good economists, contractors, speculators, bankers, mortgage advisers, managers, and real estate dealers. They will also do well as civil servants, especially when planning and long-term vision are required. Because they love to debate and reason logically, they can also make good politicians.

Teaching will also enjoy and enjoy the Capricorn zodiac sign. There is a good chance that they will quickly move on to a managerial position within the school because they can manage and organize well. If they enjoy working with their hands, Capricorns can also become hands-on scientists, engineers, farmers, or contractors. And because they are so witty and sarcastic despite their seriousness, Capricorns can do really well in the entertainment industry too.

Possible health problems for Capricorn

The Capricorn zodiac sign rules the bones, skin, and knees, so people with this horoscope can quickly suffer from broken bones and other leg disorders. Capricorns should also be on the lookout for skin conditions such as eczema or even boils. In addition, if they worry too much or suppress emotions, they can quickly develop stomach upset. Capricorns are also prone to anemia, deafness, cataracts, and rheumatism.

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More features of the Capricorn zodiac sign


• Reliability
• Professionalism
• Discussions
• Solid basis
• Usefulness and goals

Hates …

• Wild plans
• Fantasies
• Jobs that lead nowhere
• Infamy
• Being mocked

Possible problems and solutions for Capricorn

Problem: People are taking advantage of you and your soft nature.
Solution: Think about yourself more often and be careful about what you do for someone.

Problem: People barely listen to what you have to say.
Solution: Don’t be too fanatic about your views. Value others.

Problem: Colleagues don’t like working with you.
Solution: You can be a good leader, but don’t try to be the boss when you work with people as a team or as equals.

Problem: Getting tired too quickly and unable to complete projects.
Solution: Try not to plan too many things at once or too close together. Try to take it easy and the problem will soon resolve on its own.


How to Dress For an Aquarius Man?

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man?

In order to attract Aquarius males, you need to know how they think. When compared to others, Aquarius males are more appealing and noticeable. They tend to be fun and easy-going. For that reason, if you need a fun and light-hearted relationship, then an Aquarius guy can certainly win your heart. This post is concerning attracting an Aquarius guy; thus use it and acquire a romantic relationship with your desire man.

Establish Friendship To start with
Do not let your patient go down because it is important to go slowly to build a relationship with men. To start with, you must make an effort to build a true friendship with him. Usually, you will discover them surrounded by plenty of friends who belong to various religions, statuses, and so on. So, making a friend for Aquarius is quite effortless. The first thing to draw in Aquarius males is to become his friend, you also need to accept all his friends.

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man image

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man?

Color That Offers A Good Impression
It is observed that many of the Aquarius guys get drawn to females in turquoise. For that reason, often select a color cautiously. Putting on the color of your man’s preference will offer him a wonderful feel towards you. Putting on something in turquoise demonstrates the innovative character of an individual. It’s a mixture of blue and green. The combination exhibits various characteristics of the character of an Aquarian. Therefore, this particular color is very fascinating to these guys. They will get attracted to turquoise naturally. As a result, they wish to find out more about you.

Be Dreamy and Imaginative
Should you possess a strong power of imagination, then it isn’t that difficult for you to attract an Aquarius guy. These men are frequent dreamers and also have strong imaginations. Therefore, speak with them and attempt to give their imagination encouragement. It can be done by showing a rare dream of yours to him. It will give you a method of getting him involved with you. Furthermore, he’d desire to evaluate your dream together with you. When narrating your dream, you possibly can flatter him by stating that he was in your dream. He’ll show you various attractive ideas about dreams.

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Body Gestures Is important to attract Aquarius Guys
In order to attract Aquarius guys, you must watch your own body language. For him, a rebel appeal will likely be perfect because they adore rebellious individuals. You possibly can pretend to become a careless one or perhaps an attitude of devil may care will probably be most effective for you. A terrific body gesture to seduce guys is an optimal way in this way. Always be cool and funky when you’re together with your guy and act with confidence.

Keep in mind that Aquarius males are very social and active people. For that reason, you should be very active when handling them. In case you are serious about an Aquarius man and wish to catch the attention of him, then watch out for things they like and don’t like.

Only when you uncover what’s going on with him, what his likes and dislikes, then and only then you’ll able to make him fiercely love you… or else he’s only going to get mad – because you don’t “get” him. Once you learn about the Aquarius Man Secrets, you will know how to boost your compatibility with him and the hidden mechanism in his mind, and turn things around even if he ignores or doesn’t like you!

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man? by Alice Florence

How to Get His Attention Back From Another Woman

How to Get His Attention Back From Another Woman

First, he likes her, and he wants to give all his time to her …

..but suddenly his attention disappears like snow in the sun.

Suddenly his oasis of sweet words has dried up – and you are in a barren desert.

How do I keep his attention?

Many women have this problem. So you are not alone in that.

Since I have been able to talk to many women, I have seen what works and what does not. I am a dating coach for a reason, and everything I write here is based on years of experience.

In addition, I know why some men run away from you with their tails between their legs. And of course, you don’t want that.

But science also has a lot in store when it comes to why you have lost your friend’s interest … and how best to deal with it.

Before I give you any tips on this, let me first address a difference between men and women.

Men are attracted first…. Only then are they willing to get to know you better.

Even when they are in a relationship it is important that they feel attracted. That will make them more willing to invest in you.

It is a trait of the man, but one that is important to know.

Most women can make a nice man head on the first date….

But can you still do it on the tenth date? And on the hundredth?

That’s what this article is about.

I’m going to give you 13 tips, if you’re dating a man, to make sure you keep his attention.

My goal is for him to become obsessed with you again. You deserve it – a man who goes all out for you.

how to get his attention back from another woman image

How to Get His Attention Back From Another Woman

Tip 1: Do not enter relationship mode.

Do you remember the first date?

You didn’t know him very well yet. You had little expectations of him.

You were actually very relaxed. “I’ll see how it goes.”

Of course, you stood in front of the mirror for a while, and you prepared well. But otherwise, you were yourself.

Just like him. He arrived there as a man: with the need to seduce you. And he wanted to do something for that. But he was himself: a little nervous too. (That’s not to say you noticed, but pretty much every man is a little nervous about a first date.)

It was simple.

You want to bring that simplicity back into your relationship. If you lose his attention, chances are you’ve made it more complicated than it is. That there are expectations between you. That it is no longer as on the first date.

Time to change that.

Tip 2: Avoid clinging.

On the first date, he went out of his way. He wanted to conquer you, and he was willing to do something for that.

That also had to do with you. You didn’t know him very well yet. So he had to prove himself first.

Now that you know him, it obviously influences how you are doing. If you are very much in love with him, you can have high expectations.

Whether you feel insecure and need a lot of confirmation.

This sends him the signal that you are very committed to him. If this is more intense with you than with him, or if he is not that far yet, then the relationship is out of balance. That can put him off.

Take some throttle back.

Avoid going faster than him. It’s okay to be insecure, or if you’d like to be with him. But it is better to discuss this with friends than to show this (in the beginning of a relationship) continuously. This will prevent it from snapping.

Tip 3: Continue to seduce him.

In addition, you want to do everything to make him (even) crazier at you.

If he’s less likely to bond with you than your bond with him, it means giving him a reason to find you attractive.

Realize that attraction comes before interest in men. You will first need to get his attention before he asks you how you are doing.

How you do this is very simple. The first-date principle also applies here.

Act just like on the first date.

Then you made sure you looked good. You took the time to be feminine and strong. You want to keep doing this. If you look your best, you are more likely to notice him positively than to sit in a jogging suit on the couch eating milk and muesli.

Bonus tip: shock it.

If you’ve been in your chill pants a little too often lately when he came to visit you, now is the time for a pleasant surprise.

Next time, welcome him in a ” first date outfit.” Or even better: make it exciting. Something that simply cannot miss his attention.

Men are visually oriented, so give us some viewing pleasure!

Tip 4: Let him play with you.

Okay, you got his attention back a little bit. Now the question is: How do you hold it?

Our attention is quite easy to get with the first-date kit. But holding that is just a bit more complicated.

The first thing you want to check if he has lost interest in you is how much effort he still has to “have” you.

Men are lazy creatures.

If we have someone who is completely loyal, who we have already conquered, there is little reward to make an effort. As a result, our interest gradually declines.

Compare it to a cat and a ball of wool. The cat can play for hours if you challenge him with the wool. Provided you pull the ball just before he can grab it, before his face. Then he becomes fascinated and wants to keep trying.

But you throw the ball directly at him like this: Here you have it …

Then you see that cat gets bored very quickly. He will grab it for a moment, look at it, and then walk away. Like: Well, now it’s been nice.

With a man, you don’t want to throw the ball of wool at him at once, but always challenge him a little with one thread. So he will tend to keep playing, and you will keep his attention.

That’s because the effort he has to put in is equal to how long you do the ball of wool keeps his attention.

Don’t be easy.

If he wants to meet you? Then you wait a few more days.

Or does he want to see you at his home on a Tuesday at eleven in the evening? Hahaha, the prankster …

Send him a message:

“Hey, it seems nice to see you … but I’m not the kind of girl who comes to visit you late at night. Let’s see each other on a terrace on Saturday afternoon. ”

This way he immediately knows that he will not get rid of it with lazy behavior.

And talking about messages….

Tip 5: Tease him.

If there is a bit of back and forth, you can use this to grab his attention and make him “nice”.

You want to tease him a little so that he feels like you – and then have him wait.

An example.

“Hey, I dreamed about you last night….”

Even if you have lost his attention, you will get it back in a moment. He will at least find it flattering and at best he will wonder what exactly you thought of.

Fast forward, some messages further. Suppose you send him an exciting photo via WhatsApp….

(We all do that sometimes.)

And he then wants to meet immediately.

Then tell him: “Tomorrow”

Keep him waiting for a while. It doesn’t have to be very long, just a little is enough.

This keeps things exciting for him. And in the time in between, he will fantasize about you. This is exactly where you want it. So you are in his attention.


So you want to tease him and “keep it warm” even when you are not together. You can find out how to do that in my blog about sexting for women. 

Tip 6: Make him jealous.

Men are crazy people. One of the things in which we differ from women is that we first feel attraction … and then interest in your personality.

Another difference is that before we fully go for you, we must first feel jealous.

Are you dealing with a man who takes you a little too much for granted? Then he may not question your loyalty. And if not, he doesn’t tend to “own” you.

It’s kind of crude, but that’s what it comes down to in a man. He wants you to be “his”….

But if you already are, without having experienced jealousy just before, he will not appreciate his positive feelings. After all, he didn’t have to fight for it.

Time to make him jealous.

If you have not been dating for very long, it is best to post a photo of you and another man on your Facebook.

Not a photo where you are playing together, but one in which you are doing something fun together. This way he can see that he is not the only man in your life who may be interested. It can be that simple.

Or tell between nose and lips that you were going to do “something fun” with “a friend” of yours. Most men don’t believe that this friendship is platonic. They are too jealous of that.

Awaken his jealousy, then enjoy his urge to occupy.

Tip 7: Don’t forget to show him that you like him.

It may also be that if you lose his attention, you have overshot too much and he feels that you don’t like him at all.

Look, we men like a challenge…. But not endless exercises.

At some point, we want to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and sometimes it all takes a bit longer.

One man is more patient than the other.

Whatever the case, you always want to keep giving him signals that you can tell that you like him and that you want him to go for you.

How do you do that?

Flirt with him. It doesn’t matter if you’re on date one or date one hundred: keep pretending you haven’t known each other for very long. Keep giving him signals that you like him and want him to conquer you.

So this is very different from deep love declarations. They have their place, but not every time you are in the same room together. Flirting, on the other hand, is something you can keep doing, which will never get boring and which will keep you holding his attention.

What you want to keep in mind is this.

Men like hard to get, but not impossible to get. You want to give him a challenge, but one with a clear ending and a high reward.

Tip 8: Know your competition.


Your friend will undoubtedly love you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be with you.

And even if a man you date, he is interested, even if he does not always show that.

The moment he pays less attention to you, chances are that something else is going on in his life.

Little things like ‘work’, ‘his education’ or ‘ambitions’.

They are very important to a man.

But also if he has something to process.

Men are tigers when it comes to problems.

They have to pacify for a while in a quiet spot in the jungle, without anyone around them. If he’s giving you less attention at this point, one of the above may be the cause.

But Tim, what do I have to do with that? I just want him to pay more attention to me!

I understand that very well. After all, you also have your needs.

But if you know that he needs his attention elsewhere now, I would take a few deep breaths…

… And give him the opportunity to finish what he started. Then he will come back to you.

If you don’t think that’s enough, or he’s very ambitious, you want to be a “distraction” to him.

How cool is it when he works hard…

… And he comes home that night…

… And you are waiting for him in your most exciting outfit?

Realize that if he has an interesting and nail-hard job, he’ll be severely stimulated all day.

He is then not waiting for intense conversations or overly sticky emotions. No, he either wants to be alone – or recreation.

And you have to know how to fill in the latter yourself, but if you are smart, you will find something that you both enjoy. Something that is straightforward, and where he does not have to think about his work – but a bit about you.

Tip 9: Be like the First Lady.

As you know, men have more to do than sitting on the couch with you. At least, most.

He may be concerned that a relationship with you takes his attention away from the other things he finds important.

And that thought is difficult for a man.

He likes to see himself as independent, as strong, as a king.

Are you a queen, or do you want to demote him as a lackey?

My customer Peter…

… Is a business banker. He is literally working all day.

Then he met a lady who he absolutely loved. She was smart, beautiful and sexy. After dating for a while, he was hopelessly in love.

I spoke to him a month later…

… And then it turned out that he broke up with her.

Well, as a dating coach I am used to this, but I was really surprised about this.

I asked him, “How is that possible? You were in love, right? ”

What seems?

He was so in love with her that he was afraid he would put aside his ambition for her. He didn’t think it was worth it. And then he threw her out of his life overnight. Spijkerhard removed her number. And no longer spoke to her.

Well, your man is undoubtedly nicer than Peter…. But this is how ambitious men sometimes deal with it. Everything has to give way to their dream. You too if you get in your way.

Most men raise the bar, but every man needs independence to some degree, and pursue his ambitions. The last thing you want to do is give the idea that you are going to lie on the track like a boulder to block his train.

So what is the best thing to do?

Act like the First Lady.

The wife of the President of the United States has a special role.

Not only is she married to the boss of the world, which keeps her in the spotlight all the time; she must also support him in his ambition.

Well, your friend is undoubtedly not the President of the United States (and otherwise welcome, Michelle).

But you continuously want to show him that you value his ambition and that you want him to go for it. That you don’t see it as an obstacle to your relationship.

In fact, you might find it more attractive as a result.

And drop that subtly? That won’t hurt.

“Gosh, I think it’s so good of you that you worked overtime today. You had been on it for eight hours, but you went on for two more hours. I would have gotten pretty tired then. You are really motivated to achieve what you want! ”

Tip 10: Do the Ostrich.

A man gets lazy when he thinks you’re his.

At the same time, he can become restless if he no longer finds himself independent enough.

Now the question is: with one simple step, how do you make him feel more and more independent, and get the idea that he has to make an effort for you and start to long for you?

Welcome to the Ostrich.

The Ostrich is the secret weapon I teach all my female coaching clients. I think it is time to tell him on my blog now.

The idea is as follows.

Do you talk to each other every day, or is there always going back and forth? Then don’t do this for a day.

Complete radio silence for 24 hours, at least.

Do you talk to each other every three days?

Time to ignore him for about five days.

Why do you wonder?

Exactly for the three reasons I just mentioned.

You reassure him that he is not too much under the stick (ironically). You let less of you hear so he concludes that it is okay with that independence from him.

In addition, he will also ask himself:

“Hey, I always hear from her at this regular time. Where did she go? “

At best, he thinks, “Oh wait – she has no other one, does she?”

He won’t panic after a day. But if this cloud comes up in the back of his mind … it won’t hurt now and then.

And finally comes the final blow of the Ostrich.

If he asks why you have not responded to his messages for a day, you say …

“Yes sorry. I was busy with other things. I am not ready to respond 24/7 when you send a message ”.

Your husband will be beaten for his ego. The lion in him will raise his head and roar, “But WAIT!”

Why isn’t she available 24/7 to answer my messages ?!


He will not show this to you. Because lions are hunters, but they are also proud.

But make no mistake! He longs for you more. Acts more competitively. The male emerges in him.

Don’t be surprised if he suddenly tries his best for you. If he even gets a little desperate to get your attention.

Because remember: a lion never gives up.

But he simply cannot compete with the Ostrich. It has a secret weapon to control a lion. And just like the ostrich, you now also have a secret weapon in your hands.

Tip 11: Provide variety.


When you sit on the couch together and no whistle happens …

Then I understand that at some point he throws it all out, and starts looking for adventure.

That doesn’t even have to be up to you. It may be that the way he looks for variation in his life, the new things he tries, just don’t do well with you.

Maybe these are typical man things:

  • Does he lock up in his garage to tinker with a new engine?
  • Does he buy new computer games that he and his friends can mess with for hours?
  • Will he join a new football club?

That could be an indication that he feels like doing new things.

And is that the case? Then make sure you join him.

Say it yourself. If the only variation in your relationship is what flavor of cheese chips you bring in on Saturday night during The Voice of Holland, then it’s time to get off your butt and try something new:

  • Cook a new dish together.
  • Try a crazy new sport together.
  • Try a restaurant that has just opened.

You may think:

But how is it possible that this works? Who cares if we have variety in the activities we do, or what flavor of cheese chips we eat together? Is variation not variation?

I have coached thousands of people, and there is one thing I know for sure.

Nobody wants a boring partner.

And science shows this too. Men like women who are more open to new experiences. In other words, boring women are less attractive than women who try something new.

By showing that you are open to new experiences, he can just give you more attention. And that’s nice, because you experience something new, and you win it back a bit.

Tip 12: Travel together.

Have you ever heard of Mr. Pavlov?

He was a scientist who liked to experiment with animals.

It sounds freaky, but it is not so bad.

Because there was good food involved, and then it is always good, right?

He has conducted his most famous experiments with dogs. The moment he fed them, he rang a bell.

He did this consistently for a short while.

Then he decided not to feed the dogs, but to ring the bell.

What turned out? All dogs thought the food was ready. They came over and started drooling spontaneously.

They were confused and thought the bell was “the cause” of the food.

How you can use this in your relationship …

Traveling makes you happy.

Research after research shows this. Recently, scientists have found that the further Tweets get from home, the more happy words they contain.

And you can recognize this in your own life. Think about how you enjoy your vacation.

You can already feel it coming.

If traveling makes you happy …

And you want your friend to have more reasons to pay attention to you….

Then go to a different place with your friend!

Because the journey itself produces happiness hormones, your friend will associate them with you. He will subconsciously think that his happiness comes from the journey through you.

Just as the drooling dogs reacted as if the food was a result of the ringing bell when it was not at all.

It’s a very interesting trick that can help boost your relationship. In addition, traveling in itself is a lot of fun – research proves it.

And no …

I’m not saying you should take time off from work right now and then fly to the Philippines on a last-minute ticket.

You can also run this experiment in miniature. Instead of staying home for the weekend, go to another city and walk around a bit there. What is stopping you?

If you live in Utrecht, you can be in Groningen within two hours, a very beautiful city. And of course, that also applies the other way around.

You can get anywhere in the Netherlands within a few hours. Nobody has seen the whole country before. And if you are very eager to travel, nothing will stop you from driving to Germany and Belgium this weekend. It is not that those countries are much further away.

Even Hungary or Sweden are only a few hours away. All in all, it takes no more than five hours to get there (including airport transfer), and often cost no more than 100 euros for a return ticket.

It will boost your relationship, make you look more attractive in your friend’s eyes, and see some of the worlds.

Tip 13: Go on a bedroom safari.

Speaking of adventures….

How’s your sex life?

Okay, okay, I don’t need to know it in detail …

… But it doesn’t hurt to take a critical look at it yourself:

  • How experimental are you?
  • Are you as crazy about each other as in the beginning?
  • Does he find enough challenge, and you love enough?

Here I give you tips on what men want in bed. And if he gives you less attention, I’d start thrilling him as much as possible. That’s what the sex tips are for.

Because attraction comes first for a man – only then interest.

And attraction is a fire that can easily ignite you.

It’s that simple.

So. With these tips, you can move forward.

I hope you get his attention, and your relationship flourishes a bit.


How to Get His Attention Back From Another Woman by Alice Florence

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You?

You may be questioning how to make a Gemini man miss you? Here’s how you can get it done. Gemini men have restless thoughts and restless curiosity. They’re constantly shut off onto the next thing which catches their attention.

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How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You?

Getting a Gemini guy miss you might be a little difficult. He loves freedom so much that he actually doesn’t view things in the same manner as most other signs do. However, it’s possible, and listed here are the methods you can work on attempting to get you on his thoughts.

Keep Busy
The very last thing a Gemini desires is a clingy lover. So when you stay busy, he’ll feel less pressure that also can lead to him desiring you. Be Independence and it can turn him on.

Perhaps while you’re out having a trip, you can send him a photograph of you out working on your thing. He’ll feel good you’re accomplishing something on your own and also will happy you’re having a good time.

You can also send him a naughty text message. on the other hand, do not do this regularly because you must give him time to miss you. Regularly text messaging can give him the impression you’ve got nothing better to do other than bothering him.

When you text him once daily, that’s sufficient to exhibit you’re still interested without having to appear too eager. he may be turned off If you’re too eager. He loves a mystery.

When you stay busy; you can possibly send him a thoughtful present once per week to indicate that you have an interest but are sticking to your business to get things done. A driven partner is what he likes.

Yet again, it’s challenging to get a Gemini guy to miss you because it’s simply not their nature. Nevertheless, you are able to send small reminders. Simply by delivering a small present or getting one for him at his residence, he will think of you.

It’s not difficult to get him to think about you however missing you is a thing that needs deep feelings and it’s not something that comes easily for him regrettably.

Stay Mysterious
This guy loves to solve the mystery so when a girl is mysterious to him, he’ll make an effort to figure you out. When you don’t text him often, it will make him curious if you’re into him and what you are up to.

Perhaps call him during the weekend and tell him to meet you at a restaurant. After you have a nice dinner, let him know you’ve got things you require to settle and leave.

He’ll ponder what that’s about and if you will call him again.

Space and time
Here is the common method of making someone miss you. It could possibly work sometimes on a Gemini however, it might not. It all depends on your Gemini. They all are completely different according to other elements of their charts.

Having said that; they all are seekers of freedom. So when you provide them with lots of space and time, they will simply discover that they miss you. Actually, instead of you being the one to text message him; he may become the one to text you. That is one of several signs he likes you.

Perhaps the next time text messaging you, you don’t react rapidly. Get him to wait one or two hours before you reply. That can create a mystery of why you haven’t text back yet and what you’re up to. Even though not jealous, he’ll wonder.

for most people, absence can make one’s heart grow fonder, but it may not be the same for Gemini guys. They love freedom and as a result, they simply don’t have the ability to miss somebody or feel jealous. They carry on with their own business without difficulty.

on the other hand, you can at least make an effort to keep your distance, don’t react as fast, and permit space and time to find out where it may direct.

Get him to chase you
Becoming not available to his every desire can make him want you more. It’s the conventional perception of wanting a thing that isn’t easily obtainable. That doesn’t imply you should neglect him because he’ll become bored and move forward.

If you can make him feels he needs to keep working harder to come after you, then If he likes you, he’ll accomplish whatever needs doing to obtain your attention. You won’t need to prod him or push him to contact you.

It’s far better when you allow him to do the pursuit compared to you do. He loves to feel like a winner and that he has received a great reward. When you offer all of your spare time to him, he might love it initially but he’ll get bored and withdraw.

Gemini man loves having that separation and time alone therefore if you don’t back away and plays hard to get, it can be challenging to make him miss you.

Put your scent on his pillow
If you get together occasionally at his residence; you can put a little of your perfume on his pillow. This can certainly get him to think of you as he goes to bed.

It might not get him to miss you however it will get him to think of you which is a wonderful thing.

You can also leave your shirt under his pillow or someplace he is able to locate them easily. He’ll ponder the reason why you did that and most likely become stimulated at the mystery alone. Get him to guess at all times!

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You? by Alice Florence

Does she like me: The 27 signals that give you the answer

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Does she like me? If you like a woman, you naturally want a quick answer to that question. If only because it removes uncertainty.But did you know that women quite often let a man know when they like him?Unfortunately, the problem with us men is often that we simply do not understand. In other words, not recognizing women’s signals as such.

Why you don’t know if a woman likes you

And with that, the question is, “How do you know if a woman likes you?” a very common one. The answer to that question is also relatively simple and is: “Watch and listen to her carefully while you are in her company and talk to her and it will become clear to you.”

But there is one problem. Many a man will not talk to a woman just like that until he knows if she likes him. Because you will be rejected once again.

And so the opinion of man first looks at a woman for a long time and examines whether she gives signals that she might like him.

However, men who approach women in such a way are generally:

  1. Wondering too many things about himself. Also during interactions with women. In other words, he is more concerned with his thoughts than her.
  2. Can imagine so hard that a nice woman might like him that he completely misses it when it really is.
  3. Convinced that a woman can never just like him without having to do his best first.

Actually, it is quite strange that this often only happens to you if you seriously like a woman.

Because after all, as a healthy guy, you actually know instinctively quite well whether another person likes you or not, or at least appreciates your presence or not.

For example, you know very well that if someone does not look at you very cheerfully and hardly reacts when you say something to him or her, that person does not really appreciate your company.

Just as you feel very well that when someone smiles at you and chats with you, he or she appreciates your company.

But that flawless feeling often seems to be turned off completely automatically when we get into a conversation with a woman we like more than average. Before we start to believe that a woman seriously likes us, she should say something like, “I like you, do you want to sleep with me?”.

But no healthy, fun, down-to-earth woman is going to say that. So you will have to do something that will make you see and also believe that a woman really likes you.

How do you see a woman likes you?

Let’s start at the beginning. You see a woman or you may have seen her before. How do you see a woman likes you?

Of course, you will never know for sure, but that should be the challenge for you as a man.

But a good indication that she might like you and would like to meet you is: if she looks at you and makes eye contact with you. This should be enough for you to make eye contact with her and to approach her for a chat.

For two reasons:

  1. If a woman seeks eye contact with you and you don’t respond, she may try again afterward. If you do not respond, she will assume that you are not interested in her.
  2. If you immediately take action when a woman seeks eye contact with you, you immediately make it clear to her that you are cut from the right ‘male’ wood. Which will immediately increase her interest in you?

But once you talk to her, how do you tell if she really likes you? The clearest indicators that tell you that a woman likes you when you talk to her are:

  1. That she looks at you.
  2. That she listens to you with interest.
  3. That she invests in the conversation. For example, by asking you questions and by asking what you say.
  4. That she will ask you more and more personal questions because she becomes more and more curious about who you are.
  5. That she provides comprehensive answers to the questions you ask. And tells you, as it were, much more than you asked.
  6. That she subtly adjusts her opinion to yours and the positions she takes slowly disprove when you don’t agree with her.
  7. That she gets closer or closer to you while you are talking.
  8. That she touches you more and more while she talks to you.

For a man who has at least a little confidence in himself and who also dares to take some risk, this should be enough to take action and start seeing her more often.

But if you are a bit more careful and still want some more certainties before considering the next action, you can try to discover the following indicators:

  1. When you are approached from the side by someone, this is less threatening than when someone is suddenly right in front of you. That’s exactly the same for a woman. So when a woman decides to stand up in front of you slowly but surely, it indicates that she trusts and likes you.
  2. When you are talking to a woman, eye contact is an important aspect. And if you regularly look a woman in the eye while talking to her, the more she likes you, you will discover that she keeps looking in your eyes longer and longer than would be strictly necessary.
  3. If someone’s feet are and remain facing you, it usually means that person likes to be with you and has no intention of leaving you soon.
  4. She fiddles with clothes and hair as if she thinks it is not good enough for you.
  5. She improves her posture. It is better to stand or sit up straight with her chest forward.

However, you have to realize that the more you search for certainties, the more insecure you will unconsciously appear to a woman. And uncertainty is something that definitely doesn’t make you more fun and attractive to a woman.

Moreover, too much searching for certainties while you are with her means that your full attention is not on her and what she says. And that is also something with which you do not make yourself more attractive to a woman.

What you make yourself ferociously attractive, on the other hand, is simply to assume that she likes you and act accordingly. Because it radiates a lot of self-confidence. And as you may know, there is virtually nothing that can help you win a woman over you faster than by showing self-confidence.

In other words, checking if she likes you is fine, but don’t overdo it.

Above all, try to trust your feelings. And take immediate action as soon as you even feel she likes you enough to spend more time with you.

Because waiting usually only reduces your chances.

How does a woman show whether she likes me on Tinder or WhatsApp, for example?

What we just discussed works when you are talking to a woman in person. But what if you meet a woman via Tinder, WhatsApp, or a dating site. How then does a woman show that she likes you?

If you are in contact with a nice woman via WhatsApp, Tinder, or another app where you communicate with each other via text messages, it is difficult to see if she likes you.

After all, communication is mainly via text and body language is completely missing.

So she does not look you in the eye and you also do not know whether she spontaneously fiddles with her clothes or hair as soon as she receives a message from you.

But despite that, a woman can certainly also let you know via text messages that she likes you. Mostly unconsciously by the way. Because even in a text message, a woman will not quickly tell you that she likes you and would like to meet you.

Here, too, as a man, you will have to find out for yourself and take action yourself.

By the way, be aware that it is becoming increasingly important that you quickly find out whether a woman likes you or not when you communicate with her via text messages. Because we do that alone, more and more and more often.

So also arranging a personal meeting, or a date, with a woman, will increasingly happen via text messages.

An advantage of this is that once you have figured out that she likes you and confirms that by accepting your invitation to meet, you no longer have to worry about that.

A woman only accepts a proposal to meet in person when she likes you and would like to get to know you better.

During your date with her, you can fully focus on being with her and make a very important discovery: whether you really genuinely like her now that you are with her.

This is much more important to you personally than the fact that she likes you.

Moreover, when a woman feels that you are a picky man who is absolutely not satisfied with every woman he meets, it will only further increase her interest in you.

Anyway, we are ahead of things. Because we stayed with how a woman shows through Tinder or WhatsApp that she likes you.

Again, the signals that a woman uses to show that she likes you through text messages are largely unconscious. But they are no less valuable.

The signals that a woman uses to send text messages that she likes you are:

  1. She is regularly the one who is the first to send a message to restart communication.
  2. She responds quickly to your messages.
  3. She shares something with you via a text message without you asking. For example, she has just bought very nice shoes.
  4. She answers extensively to the questions you ask her in your text messages.
  5. She frequently uses emoticons.
  6. She teases you.
  7. She will let you know in many ways when you make her laugh.
  8. She shares things with you that trigger feelings in her. For example music, certain photos, or scenes from a movie and quotes.
  9. She often compliments you.
  10. She flirts with you.
  11. She asks you personal questions.
  12. She asks questions about your love life.
  13. She will send you nice, beautiful and funny pictures of herself.
  14. She tries to seduce you by asking hints to ask her out.

Incidentally, if she gathers the courage to ask you out, then there really is no doubt that she likes you.

Furthermore, it is important to know that you do not have to see all the signals before you can ask her on a date. About 3 to 4 signals are usually enough to ask a woman out.

Because here too, if you wait too long, her interest in you will only decrease and quickly. Which, like many men with you, can put you in a situation where the messaging started so much fun but ends with the woman’s disinterest. Which usually means that you suddenly do not hear from her anymore.

If you end up in such a situation, you can safely hit yourself. Because then you have obviously waited too long and the woman has concluded that you don’t like her enough to ask her out.

She likes me and now?

This means that as soon as you suspect that a woman likes you, you have to act. Taking action, in this case, means taking the initiative to take the next step together. For example, with a nice personal conversation, or a nice contact via text messages, a nice date together is a logical next step. And from a first fun date to a second fun date is a logical step, and so on.

Because she likes you is just a start. A start that ensures that she is interested in you and therefore wants to get to know you better. That is supposedly the only reason a woman wants to date you.

This means that if you want more from her than just a date, you need to make sure she not only likes you but is also attracted to you.

Because a woman only wants sex with you and wants a relationship with you when she is attracted to you.

Getting a woman attracted to you is simple, but not easy when you have little experience with it.

If you have experience with it, you do many things simply because you have experienced that they work. And if you don’t have any experience, you might start doubting whether this is really all you need to get a woman attracted to you.

Because really all you need to get a woman attracted to you is quiet assertive leadership. Because in doing so, you radiate and show masculinity in the right way and interact with her as a woman in a masculine way.

In other words, you show a woman exactly those qualities of yourself that make you attractive to a woman as a man.

In practice, this means that you plan for things that you want to do with her, then introduce them to her and plan a day and time when you will do this together.

Then you carry out your plans and take her on a journey with you, as it were. Where you ensure that all she has to do is enjoy.

With that, you give a woman something very valuable that really only a man can give her. Namely the possibility of not having to think about anything, so that she can relax completely and be completely woman for a while.

A man who can give that to a woman and who she trusts so much that she dares to surrender to him completely is worth his weight in gold and thus naturally ferociously attractive.

In summary, we can say that you ask yourself: “Does she like me?” only one thing should mean. That is to step up to a woman and have a chat with her and discover if she is really as nice as her appearance and appearance suggest.

Because that is exactly what you make yourself the man that women are attracted to. Something crucial if you want more from a woman than just a friendly contact.

Gemini Love Relationship With Aries

Gemini – Aries Love Relationship 

The Gemini is someone who loves his or her freedom in love. Gemini absolutely cannot stand a partner who is jealous, possessive, or sentimental. 

Gemini is often and eager to be the center of attention and are often smart, humorous, and fairly outgoing. Gemini is eager to learn, wants to do many different things with the risk that they want to do too much and therefore do not really get anywhere. 

Gemini needs a partner who gives them the freedom to do their own thing and express themselves in their own way. A partner needs to be a little bit exciting for Gemini to get his or her attention and also have to be able to go with the quick spirit of Gemini. 

Gemini has a good mind and can think quickly. Gemini loves information transfer and communication. 

In a relationship, communication with the partner is therefore important for the Gemini. The impulsive nature of a Gemini manifests itself in love and relationship in the tendency of Gemini to give up at the first small ripples in the love pond and to break off the relationship. Check out How Does a Gemini Man Express Love?

Gemini Love Relationship With Aries image

Gemini zodiac sign – Love Relationship & Sexuality – Who suits the Gemini?

Match Gemini with Aries

The love relationship of Gemini with Aries can be a good love combination. Both characters like doing things, distracting from everyday worries, going out, outings, trips, and having fun and can talk about anything and everything.

The playful nature and dexterity of the Gemini zodiac sign will attract the active Aries. Only the Aries will probably not have such a strong need for contact – both among themselves and in the outside world – as Gemini and will develop more own initiatives on his own.

Gemini will be able to help Aries to formulate ideas with his or her objective perspective. In this way, Gemini can be a nice counterbalance. The Gemini likes to devise plans and work out and implement the Aries of plans.

The Aries’s honesty and spontaneity basically match the fairness of Gemini, but Gemini may be too fluttery, but also too confrontational for the Aries. Conversely, the flirtatious behavior of Aries and the unclear definition of the term faithfulness for Gemini can be a tricky phenomenon.

It is pleasant for both zodiac signs that they both find the buddy feeling important and both also feel that the contact in a relationship should not be too deep or emotional. The capriciousness of Gemini can be difficult for the Aries. If there are conflicts or quarrels, the Gemini will often seek refuge outdoors, which the Aries will not really enjoy, as it will not be able to properly discharge (project) his or her intensity.

Sex – Sexual Relationship

The sexual relationship between Gemini and Aries will not immediately go smoothly. Gemini will sometimes find the Aries too direct with his or her passion and sex right at the target. 

For Gemini, it is important that there is a spiritual foundation and not a mere physical or sexual desire. If Gemini eventually experiences that this spiritual aspect is growing and is also taken seriously by the Aries, Gemini will be able to go more in the Aries’s strong physical passion.

Taurus man in Love

Taurus man in Love

Taurus is the one with enormous perseverance, even when others have given up, the bull is still raging. Reliable and persistent, just like the bull.

Taurus react strongly to their environment. They love decorations, colors, everything that appeals to all senses. Taurus loves possessions and the house is therefore nicely decorated. Taurus is down to earth, they don’t like to be flashy. They prefer comfortable and creative things.

Bulls have a known reputation for being stubborn, but that’s not always a bad thing. The stubborn appetite can bring Taurus into conflict with other strong types, especially since a Taurus can quickly feel bumped.

Bulls are not fond of change. They love the familiar and everyday things in life. Taurus is easy going and not someone looking for a fight, but should some poor souls try to provoke a Taurus, then put up, because they have a bad mood under the calm surface.

Taurus loves security, in every aspect of their life from home, to love and their careers. The Taurus can be mysterious, opinionated, and stingy. The Taurus has a tendency to be lazy and self-indulgent. 

On the other hand, there exists a strong, persistent will which comes to life if they desire to, and nobody will ever state they are lazy.

Taurus man in Love image

How do I attract a Taurus?

Don’t try to rush into a relationship with a Taurus. They are very patient and expect you to be the same. Make them laugh, if they are amused and entertained by you they will enjoy this.

The way to the heart of a Taurus is through the stomach. You make a good turn by cooking for them or arranging dinner in a good restaurant. Taurus enjoys talking about finances, business, money, and material possessions.


What is it like to date a Taurus man?

The Taurus male is quite smart, he is practical. He desires a high-quality lady.

He will carefully examine before making a move. He is very patient when it comes to a relationship. He will investigate the situation and ensure that the woman has something to offer him before offering himself.

Men with the Taurus zodiac sign are not boring, but they are not the man for the woman who craves adventure and excitement. Taurus man is for the woman who wants stability and comfort, he is an incredible breadwinner and is a very good choice as a partner for the right woman.

He is always focused on the long term, so you don’t have to worry about the fear of commitment in a Taurus man.

The Taurus man is a romantic man, he will put his wife on a pedestal and protect and cherish her. Once he has chosen his wife, he will be very generous, loyal, and loyal.

Wonder if your Taurus guy likes you? You can look out for subtle signs a Taurus man likes you.

Taurus Man in Love by Alice Florence

Aquarius Man Characteristics

Aquarius Man Characteristics


Individuals born between January 20 and February 18 belong to the sun sign of Aquarius. They’re progressive people who want to change the world for the better.  They are generally humane people, who like to give others the feeling that they can feel safe saying anything they want. Aquarians usually have many acquaintances and some close friends and enjoy them when they are with them. Yet they will not really bond emotionally to others. They like to tree more about philosophical ideas and thoughts than about inner emotions. They especially enjoy interacting with people,

Characteristics of the Aquarius

Aquarians are very candid and like to chat with people. They believe in the positive in every person and are always looking for it. When they deal with people they want everything or nothing. The same goes for their work. That is why they are driven people, who have many social and business ambitions. In their work, they will not make half decisions and they look at all sides. Aquarius are honest people who believe injustice. They also do not like trivial matters and are looking for depth. If they meet people who also have depth, they can spend a lot of time with them and discuss many serious topics. Their imagination is then very strong and lively.

Aquarians can also live very negatively, being lazy and very unpredictable in the way they communicate with someone. They are then very changeable and can only withdraw if they don’t like something. This is perhaps their least good quality because they can do this just like that and others are not aware of it. Because Aquarians also have trouble understanding others, they may be fooled, not knowing how to respond. They can then get into emotional trouble and withdraw.

Aquarius Man Characteristics image

The Aquarius man

The Aquarius lives simply and settles for a simple, uncluttered life. He has enough fantasy to shape the world he envisions but sometimes forgets that there is also a real world. They are generally social people with many friends because they are quite open and give people the idea that they can think and find everything. They have a lot of styles and generally have many good values, which makes them appear polite.

However, they can also be very difficult, but that is more when dealing with deviant people. They tend to repay people with the same currency and are certainly not afraid to confront them. In a relationship, they love it when they have a partner they feel comfortable with. They are then loving and want a lot of romance in their lives.  Women who want to attract an Aquarius man need to know that they always want to be independent and need a partner who gives them that space. That way, the Aquarius can be successful and use his traits to accomplish a lot.

The Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman always has a picture in her head about what the perfect life should look like. This picture is a kind of blueprint of her life and she will try to really achieve it. She is a friendly and helpful woman who is constantly trying to please others and to teach people the right things. She has many beliefs and her life’s goal is to make society a little better. However, she can also be very messy and doesn’t always know how to express herself. Her deepest feelings, in particular, will not come out quickly and she keeps as much for herself or for very dear people as possible. In general, she does not need this, because she likes to go her own way. She is a very smart and intelligent woman, who can easily save herself.

The Aquarius child

Aquarius children are independent and free at an early age. The Aquarius child loves to experiment and likes to learn new things. It is a lot of research and analysis and regularly manages to solve difficult problems. This is also because the child is always willing to adopt a solution and is certainly not stubborn to hear or learn from others. Parents of Aquarians should give their children this opportunity by giving many self-discovering toys. In this way, the child can gain confidence in himself, especially if the parents also support, but still release the child. Once the child has learned this, it will not soon be forgotten. They stand out for their philosophical comments and thoughts, reaching depth at an early age. It is a real thinker, but sometimes too much so that the child can also worry. From an early age, the child will feel that he wants to achieve something and will use everything to achieve this. Parents should try to give the child the freedom to do things themselves. If this goes in a positive way, the child will grow mentally.

The Aquarius in the career

There are probably a few signs as ideological as Aquarius. They have many ideas because they can draw from an arsenal of fantasies and dreams. As a result, they can achieve a lot in their work, because others are very interested in their innovative plans and goals. Aquarius will regularly work on large projects and they will receive a lot of appreciation because they only go for everything or nothing. Usually, they achieve everything because they are very intelligent and sensible.

In addition, they hate to do routine work, especially when it is very monotonous. They have too lively a spirit for that, making ideas come up like mushrooms in the forest. We regularly see them in professions, where they can analyze, experiment, and research. They are also people who can debate well and have a very sharp clear opinion. When given that opportunity, it is people who can clearly take the lead, but they don’t mind working under a boss because they think it is safe. If he is self-employed, he does need powerful employees who can do tasks that Aquarius does not want to do himself.

The Aquarius and Relationships

In love, the man and the woman want to live independently and independently. They need this to develop and feel happy. They are people who find it very difficult to express their deepest emotions. Preferably, an Aquarius wants a partner to understand his / her feelings, without having to explain a few things. If Aquarius has a partner who does this, then love will be unconditional and they can be very much in love. It is important for Aquarians that a partner regularly indicates how much they keep. Then the Aquarius feels happiest. In love and friendships, they are loving, caring people who have a lot of self-knowledge. Although they have a lot of imagination, they will not often use this in love. However, they find it exciting to do something completely unexpected and not too often something extra, such as a rose towards the bed or a nice dinner. However, they are also satisfied with watching a nice movie together, exercising together or a nice trip. Importantly, their partner can let them go that they sometimes go out with others to do fun things, even with people of the opposite sex.

The physical characteristics of the Aquarius

Aquarians have a very beautiful body in both the female and the male forms. What most Aquarians are recognized by is their high forehead, where they have clear features in their faces at an early age, partly because they philosophize. They tend to look thoughtfully and sometimes hang their heads. You can also see what Aquarius feels or thinks because the face of this sign speaks volumes.

So there are clear expressions in the face, and the eyes are open and full of bravado. They are usually clear and honest. The Aquarius lashes usually tend to hang down. Their heads are square and they usually have nice shiny skin. In terms of figures, they have a muscular body and move smoothly and casually.

The man has a male body, but also with clear feminine features. Because he is quite tough, this will not come across as wrong but will make the man charming. His arms are long and slender. He can have gray hair at a young age. His lips are quite thin and he usually has small ears.

The woman may have a boy’s body, but that makes her tough and charming. She is usually slender and has beautiful but small breasts. She has very nice legs. Her face is fair and her mouth is prominent. but that makes her tough and charming. She is usually slender and has beautiful but small breasts. She has very nice legs. Her face is fair and her mouth is prominent. but that makes her tough and charming. She is usually slender and has beautiful but small breasts. She has very nice legs. Her face is fair and her mouth is prominent.

The health of the Aquarius

Aquarius is generally haughty and formal, making this sign powerful yet weak when things don’t go the way Aquarius wants. The greatest risk lies in the fact that the Aquarius can be very lazy and then think less about what exactly is good for his health. The


is less busy preparing healthy meals and will, therefore, take much less time to get healthy food at home. This can reduce the resistance and a number of diseases and ailments come out. This is because the nervous system then becomes weaker, causing problems such as complaints with the cardiovascular system and eye disorders. There are also mental problems such as depression and phobias. Their skin can also become fragile if their health deteriorates. Are they mentally strong, if they eat healthily and exercise enough, their mental condition will be a lot stronger and physical health will increase?

Structurally, Aquarius can have a number of ailments that even occur in healthy living people. They have a weak bone structure and can quickly develop injuries. The spine can also be weaker, as can the digestive system. The latter is especially if they eat too fast and heavy food. Aquarians who worry too much can eventually develop brain disorders.

This sounds dramatic, but generally, they are in good health and keep it up for a long time. They have a weak bone structure and can quickly develop injuries. The spine can also be weaker, as can the digestive system. The latter is especially if they eat too fast and heavy food. Aquarians who worry too much can eventually develop brain disorders. This sounds dramatic, but generally, they are in good health and keep it up for a long time.

They have a weak bone structure and can quickly develop injuries. The spine can also be weaker, as can the digestive system. The latter is especially if they eat too fast and heavy food. Aquarians who worry too much can eventually develop brain disorders. This sounds dramatic, but generally, they are in good health and keep it up for a long time.

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The erogenous zones of the Aquarius

The most erotic area of ​​the Aquarius is around the calves and ankles. When a partner touches, rubs, or strokes it, sexual desires can be aroused. The Aquarius likes when the lower legs are massaged with a sponge and especially when this is done in the bath. Aquarians are thrilled when you go from the ankles to the calves with your fingertips or nails and then slowly advance to the area of ​​the genitals and then back down. During sex, the Aquarius likes to clamp the ankles around the partner.

Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective?

Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective?

You want your ex back and you are ready to reach your goal. Maybe a bit too ready. We’ve reported it before but it’s important to avoid putting pressure on your ex. You need a real strategy that you must follow next.

If you carry out our step-by-step plan, you will better understand the usage of no contact rule. You will be able to examine your relationship more objectively without falling into self-pity; and (very important) you can spoil yourself.

When recovering your ex, no contact rule is a phase in which you are able to find yourself again and thus increase your attraction.

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You really need to be ready for the big day, the day you will meet your ex again. On that day you will have to show your ex that you have fundamentally changed so that your ex can get a picture that it can all be different again with a possible new relationship. By this, we do not mean that you have to change your identity (especially stay yourself), but that you now look at things fundamentally different and that you can deal better with previous problems.

You may be very anxious to win back your ex, but remember that you have nothing to lose. Why not try again?

Why No Contact is important

You’ve decided to do everything in your power to get your ex back. You may be surprised by our proposal and you may even be disappointed. But do you really want your ex back? Then the time has come to put the ‘want to do everything about it’ out of your mind and not to contact your ex for the time being.

That means no more phone calls, no text messages, no visits, no birthday wishes. In short, you will disappear drastically from your ex’s life for the time being

You may find this quite strange, but it is really the best thing to do, even if you are so in love with your ex, but do it for your own sake, and for the sake of your ex too!

No contact when your ex has left is the best way to win him/her back.

Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective?

First of all, because you are no longer a couple, and if you pretend to be you will only suffer more. If you see your ex again for a few minutes, speak to him or her again, you will undoubtedly love it again, but it will not bring you closer to your goal. It is short-term self-gratification. The situation will not get better in the long run and your grief will only get worse.

Second, you protect yourself from making mistakes and your emotions gain the upper hand. Otherwise, you are constantly reminded that your sister or something should have done, and turning back the clock is no longer possible. Don’t try to impress by begging, feeling pathetic, or promising your ex time and time again that things will be different and better from now on. Such behavior will only lead to even more irritation.

Third, your ex will be surprised to hear you say nothing more. Your ex is more likely to expect you to do the opposite. But if you pretend to let your ex’s rejection get cold earlier, you will also be able to disprove negative thoughts and ideas and increase your ex’s curiosity. Your ex will have no idea what you are thinking, doing, who you are dealing with, and how you are doing.

Fourth, how can your ex miss you now if you speak or see him or her every day? How can your ex realize what he or she misses when you are no longer there?

With the introduction of the no contact rule, your ex’s desire will only increase and time will work its wonders: bad memories will fade and the best memories will predominate in your ex’s mind.

Fifth, you need this time of radio silence to be able to focus on yourself, to improve yourself, to become more confident when you break the radio silence after some time. In short, the radio silence will help you get a much better view of the situation, be sure whether you really want your ex back. Moreover, you will be able to think much better to draw up a realistic plan in the event of a restart of your relationship.

Of course, inserting radio silence is not easy, because there is a continuous voice in your head that tells you that you are in danger, that you can lose your ex, ask you what your ex is doing, and yet it is entering of radio silence much, much more powerful in reclaiming your ex than if you do the opposite.

If you are reading this article, you have undoubtedly tried many things to get your ex back. Maybe you’ve already promised your ex so much, you’ve showered your ex with gifts. And let’s be honest: did all this help? Of course not. The no-contact rule is extremely important even if it is still so difficult. That is Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective.

How can you best introduce radio silence?

We give you a word of caution here: In most cases, it’s best not to tell your ex that you intend to introduce radio silence and take a temporary distance, but it all depends on how you broke up.

After all, if you inform your ex in advance, the effect will be much less. In addition, you risk your ex getting an immature impression of you.

So prepare yourself to stop calling your ex, stop sending him or her emails, text messages, or letters or whatever… stop visiting your ex to try to hear his or her voice, to see his or her eyes. In short: disappear from your ex’s life for the time being.

Where you used to having contact with your ex via Facebook? You don’t have to remove your ex because it may appear immature to your ex. However, you can set that you no longer want to see messages from your ex. After all, it is of no use to you.

Do you have friends together? Don’t go there again and don’t ask them if they happened to see your ex. Is it your ex’s birthday, or is he or she taking an exam shortly after the fracture? It is best not to seek contact.

Your ex will wonder why you’re suddenly so distant, and that’s only good. Your ex will get worried and your ex may send you a message. When that happens you can simply answer, in a friendly, polite tone, but very important: keep it short!

Stay as superficial as possible and don’t say anything about what you do, anything about how you feel. Act like you who broke the contact. Also do not close with ‘kisses’ or ‘see you soon. In any case: let it take some time before you answer, for example only after a few hours or perhaps a day. If your ex tells you that he or she misses you, don’t go into it but stay friendly and switch to another topic.

Do you have a party where your ex will be? Then come as late as possible and leave early. Show that you are having fun. Smile friendly and polite but don’t avoid your ex.

Are you a colleague with your ex? Keep the contact as limited as possible, but remain friendly and pleasant.

How long should the no-contact last or how long should you break off contact with your ex?

It is quite difficult to indicate how long radio silence should last

It is a question that we are often asked: how long should radio silence last or how long should you disconnect from your ex.

Obviously, a week is far too short, but usually, a month is most effective, but again, it is different for every situation. You may ask yourself the following: Are you emotionally ready to reconnect with your ex? If this is not the case, it is better that you extend the radio silence for as long as necessary.

How can you best maintain no contact?

Here is a list of arguments you can read every time you tend to break radio silence:

1. every time you contact your ex you regret
2. your ex cannot miss you if you keep in touch. Your absence is much more powerful than your presence
3. your ex will remember the most beautiful moments much better and he or she will pay less attention to the most negative experiences
4. during radio silence you have no chance to annoy each other neither verbally nor non-verbally
5 The radio silence allows you to increase your ex’s curiosity, jealousy, and interest
6. You can be proud of yourself if you don’t give in to breaking contact
7. If you are not in touch with your ex you can better control the situation
8. your ex has left you, respect his / her choice, give your ex the space he/she asks for
9. if you do not follow the rules of radio silence, you increase the chance that you push your ex further away from you
10 you will be much more attractive if you are less available
11. if you contact your ex will not change
your mind.
12. if you respect radio silence then you are less ‘victim’ in the eyes of your ex
13. you have no get in touch with your ex more, you will be better able to ask yourself how greeting your desire is to come back to your ex
14. you need this period of radio silence to work on yourself
15. radio silence is the best way to get rid of your heartache: seeing your ex can only hurt it more
16. if you break contact you can work better on your independence, and an independent person is much more attractive
17. your ex will get a much more positive image of you if you don’t contact him or her than if you would do it continuously
18. mysterious behavior increases the attraction
19. none of what you’ve tried so far has helped
20 Disconnecting is the best way to get your ex back and that is your goal

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

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Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective? by Alice Florence

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips

What eye contact do you make when flirting?

What do your eyes say about you? Do you betray yourself with your eye contact with others? It must have happened to you some time. You go out for a pleasant evening and see a beautiful woman. However, you don’t dare to look her in the eye, because eyes say and do everything. You watch her and quickly go back to the bar to order a new beer.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t just happen to you. Many men (and women as well) find it difficult to make eye contact. There can be several reasons for this. It can be purely about shyness. It may also be that you do not know exactly how to do this. You may think deep down that when you make eye contact you have already exposed a lot of yourself. Good news! After reading this article, eye contact will no longer cause you any problems.

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction image

Rules of flirting through eye contact: the right degree of dominance

There are a number of rules you need to know to achieve what you want through eye contact. After all, you can only leave the first impression once. Your eye contact is the most important of all nonverbal signals. In the first moments of eye contact, by applying these rules you can show that you are not an enemy. In fact, you can conquer hearts in the first seconds. These techniques can be applied not only during a night out but everywhere. And that is exactly what I recommend to you.

First, it is important to know that you are never the first to break eye contact. It may feel like a strange situation, but it is a matter of showing that you are comfortable with yourself, with the other person, and with the situation. You communicate dominance and that is not something you should feel ashamed of. You just take your place, nothing more. Teach yourself this by not looking away first. After a while, it becomes a habit and you will find the right balance.

Rules of flirting through eye contact

While you have and keep eye contact, it’s time for the second step. Show that you recognize the other. You do this by means of your body language. For example, by showing a smile, or raising and lowering your eyebrow quickly and slightly, as a greeting. This also removes the static view of the counterparty. A dimension of interaction has been added.

Rules of flirting through eye contact: focus on one eye

The next step may sound strange, but it works. When making eye contact, try to focus only on one eye. This does not mean that you have to squint, but only choose one eye to look in. Why? Because there is a difference between the hemispheres of the brain. The left gives the center for emotion and the right for logic.

If you are sure of your case and you think you can convince the eye contact with a good conversation, then go for the right eye. If you just want to flirt, go for the emotional left eye. Very powerful, give it a try!

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips in practice

Now that the rules are clear, it must of course also be applied. Mirrors are a very useful invention in this situation. After all, you can make eye contact with yourself. Try to convince yourself that you are making eye contact. Of course, a mirror is a reflection of yourself, so that you eventually have to break eye contact ;-). Mirrors are a good place to start.

The next tip is to pay close attention to your posture. Get up, relax, and keep breathing. Anxiety is a factor that can be smelled and seen. Try to subtly eliminate this. When you have found someone with whom you want to make eye contact (and more), first try to clarify for yourself what you want with her. Visualizing in advance at home is a powerful step in achieving your desired goal.

Flirt with a critical eye

Do not forget to always be the first to break eye contact, that is the task of the other party. Show that you recognize her. Smile, raise your glass, or wink and keep looking at her. Starting a conversation is a logical consequence because you should know exactly about this situation.

You made the right first impression. You have shown your interest and you are not ashamed of that. It’s a slightly critical look you have. Admiring but also judging; the interest you have can also take away. Chances are she wants to learn more about you now. Just say the first thing that comes to mind after your eye flirting.

Eye Contact Flirting Attraction Tips by Alice Florence