How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed With You

How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed With You

If you want a man born under the zodiac sign of Aries (March 21 – April 19), you will have to act immediately, in a sophisticated and smart way if you want to know how to make an Aries man obsessed with you.

Getting his attention is all about showing what you can do and having the confidence to wrap him around your fingers. No wonder you fall in love with this guy – he exudes confidence, is charming and super sexy. Do not wait, but use everything from the first moment to build a lasting relationship!

Part 1

1. Flirt. First, an Aries is a fiery, passionate, and sensual sign. If your lusty, impulsive side is completely covered in a pile of inhibitions or insecurities, your Aries will quickly look the other way. So start flirting right away and keep doing this – it’s a primary source of self-recognition for this zodiac sign. As far as they are concerned, it keeps every situation exciting! Flirt with him on every level – with your body, your eyes, and words. To keep him entertained, even more, keep it subtle with ambiguities and puns. Aries loves a smart woman who makes him think.

2. Use body language. Aries men are very concerned with their bodies and the physical in general. To accommodate this, use body language to lure it. When you walk by, touch his back for a moment. Play with his hair in the back of his neck. Let your heel hang loosely against his calf. He likes the challenge of not thinking clearly!

Having said this, Aries men like an intellectual woman. It’s all about passion, new experiences, and excitement. If you can keep them interested on multiple levels (intellectual, sensual, etc.) they will be even more amazed and in awe of you.

3. Wear feminine clothes. Most Aries men are attracted to women who are very feminine. They want a woman they can take care of, who clearly needs them as a lady in need. Clothing is the way to convey this. Dresses and skirts can clearly show him your feminine side and radiate class at the same time!

Because an Aries is so sensual, it is also important to smell good. You want to challenge all his senses. Soft skin to touch, a luscious scent, a feminine silhouette to stare at, etc. You want to make his head dizzy 24/7.

4. Admire him. Let’s face it: Aries is usually very pleased with themselves. He can be quite self-centered and selfish. To get inside his head you will have to play along. Give him the praise he believes he deserves. He’ll think you’re just showing common sense!

This can be a quality that is a bit difficult to come to terms with. Realize that it is only part of his personality and how he works. Some find it charming; others find it a painful mistake. If you can find it charming, he will adore you!

5. Be sure of yourself. Aries needs a strong personality to counterbalance his own enthusiasm and drive. Although he craves a wench in need, he also needs a woman with enough confidence. This looks like a contradiction, but it is not impossible. Show him that you love yourself and he will have no answer for that. Who would?

Even if you openly express your admiration for him and flirt, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot do this with much confidence! On the contrary, by doing this you show that you know what you are doing and that you don’t mind placing others above you.

6. Be smart. In addition to confidence, Aries loves a woman who is smart. He wants someone who can play on all levels – the Aries is not a fan of boredom (and that is still slightly expressed). He needs someone to be entertained. Being smart can take care of that!

Go ahead, tease your Aries man! They love the attention, especially if you do it conveniently and with a smile. Don’t just spit out some facts – add humor and dynamism to your words. In short, be yourself!

7. Do not forget that the element of fire belongs to the Ram. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all so-called “fire signs”. This is exactly as it sounds – they are enthusiastic, full of life, and unstoppable. Usually, they are very confident, confident, masculine, and very creative!

The downside is that they have a very strong personality and can be bossy. If a fire sign flares up, you better take some distance. If you can handle fire, don’t be put off!


Part 2

How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed With You – Start a relationship

1. Play a smart cat and mouse game. Always make the Ram think he’s the pursuer and you the delicious catch. This is the character that suits him best naturally, and he loves simply an old-fashioned chase. Hence do not allow it to be too easy for him and have fun with the attention he pours over you while he attempts to capture you in his nets. This is the best position to bring in that Aries man from you.

Enjoy that you are the one in charge, while he doesn’t notice it. But don’t be a mouse that slips invisibly – stay within reach. Make him think he is getting closer or he may be looking for another prey.

2. Meet him in discussions. Aries loves it when a woman can challenge him intellectually. Don’t be afraid to debate with him so that his brain is activated. He will be just as impressed with you as you are with him!

However, be careful with this. He likes to be the leader. If you show that he is wrong, it may be gnawing at his masculinity and who knows he may find this difficult to deal with. Make concessions. Agree that you disagree, or tell him that he has put forward some good points that got you thinking. He likes to discuss – but he also likes to win.

3. Be adventurous. There is no room for boredom in the life of an Aries. As soon as they get bored, they look elsewhere for fun and excitement. So find that adventure yourself! Make dates that are exotic and crazier than a regular dinner or movie night. Go to an amusement park, go out, or suggest a sudden trip. Keep it sharp!

This is not only good advice for dealing with Aries but for everyone. Have you ever heard of the Capilano Bridge Experiment? What turned out is that there is something like “misattribution of arousal” – meaning that as soon as your body gets aroused (from height, fear, etc.) you don’t know why – and you assign this to how sexy your partner is!

4. Take the good together with the bad. Aries men have a number of traits that other people often dislike: they are temperamental, selfish, childish, jealous, and moody. When this side emerges, it is important to remain calm and not take it too personally. If they show their emotions, it is clear that they care about something!

Apart from that, an Aries has many good qualities (otherwise you wouldn’t be attracted to someone like that, after all!). They are driven, confident, charismatic, smart, and sensitive. Their less positive sides only come out more clearly because they are such strong personalities.

5. Make him want more. An Aries loves the chase so much that it seems difficult to let it run after you for more than a few minutes. But it is possible if you do this with some flair. Do not immediately show your whole personality, but always leave small personal gems for him to discover so that he expects there is still more to conquer!

That is why it is so important that you remain within this relationship. Maintain your hobbies and make sure there is a world in which he has no part. As a result, Aries feels like there is more territory to win, a deeper understanding of who you really are. Aries doesn’t want a partner to be easy to fathom!

Part 3
Ensuring a lasting relationship
1. Be naughty and impulsive. Remember the following: “An Aries hates to get bored.” You can get around this by being naughty and impulsive. They are too, so if you show this, they will understand completely. Imagine a sudden romp and call it a “power lunch.” It will make him dizzy for days.

In addition, be impulsive when it comes to lifestyle! Gifts, surprise outings, sudden changes in plans – an Aries loves it. Every day they will wonder what the next day has in store for them!

2. Pay attention to the details. If you want to be romantic with him, make it clear that you have listened to him. He loves that you remember that one comment about Star Wars he made 3 months ago. That is admiration in its highest form! Those little things mean everything to him.

This again has to do with the Ram that needs attention and encouragement. Even though it seems like he’s confident and doesn’t need anything, that’s not entirely true. He still needs others yearning for recognition and being noticed. These little displays of your commenting skills let him know you’re there and give him what he needs.

3. It doesn’t get too sticky. An Aries belongs to the element of fire and you have to let go to show its true potential. If you try to curb it, it will explode. He cherishes his independence and thrives on it, so it is important not to be too sticky. Let him do his thing. Trust him.

Aries wants a partner who follows his / her own path. If you’re going to hitch a ride on his path, you’re limiting him. Be confident in a relationship! That’s the sexiest thing.

4. Be energetic and enthusiastic. An Aries is full of life and he expects you to. How else can you keep up with its vitality ?! He is a machine and goes on and on, so if you want to be a suitable partner, you have to bring a nice dose of energy yourself. So make something of life!

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Aries live on stimuli and sensation. If something gets you moving, let it be loud and clear! And if your husband shows that he finds this important, be sure to give the response he is waiting for!

5. Let him be your knight on the white horse. Ultimately, Mr. Aries to take care of you and be the man of your dreams. He thinks he can, so let him! He’s all about chivalry, which is great considering that this doesn’t happen very often anymore. Let him make you dream away. Let him know you need him. Then how could he run off?

Show your vulnerable side around him. Although he can be capricious and moody, and fiercely independent, by showing him that you are a real person, he, in turn, will show it. He likes to see the softer, unprotected side of you. And he loves that you trust him so much that you actually dare to show it!

Remember that an Aries has an absolutely great ego, so be careful with that! In the beginning, if you want to win it before you and then if you are looking for a longer relationship. It’s a good idea to compliment him every now and then, but don’t overdo it. Aries do not respond well to sweet words, but much prefer a woman who is equal when it comes to cleverness and intelligence.

Aries are very out of competition, so they are often very fanatical when it comes to sports

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How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed With You by Alice Florence