Horoscope Libra: Unique Traits & Love Life + Tips

Horoscope Libra

Libra was born between September 23 and October 22.

Here you will discover which characteristics and character traits make Libra so special. What you will read about the Libra horoscope:

    • The properties associated with the zodiac sign Libra
    • The character of the Libra
    • The Libra’s love life, relationships, and sex life
    • How the Libra is with work and money matters
    • When Libra feels happiest
    • And much more…

The horoscope properties of the zodiac sign Libra

The planet Venus is the ruler of Libra. The Planet Venus belongs to Libra, which runs through the zodiac in an average of 365 days.

Venus in Libra represents autumn. This colors the atmosphere of the sign of Libra, autumn reflects the character. You see the full colors of everything that has bloomed back in nature. Venus in the sign of Taurus is associated with the beginning of spring and the growth of nature, Venus in Libra is about the beginning of finding the beauty within itself. Autumn changes nature, leaves fall and the lushness of summer disappears. That is also the case for Venus in autumn, the true beauty is within. It is in that beauty that Venus finds its safety, justice, and the ability to be objective, free from frills and frills. This also explains your talent as a Libra for having a good eye for shape, tone, and rhythm.

With Libra as a horoscope, you are sensitive by nature. Because you do not have a big ego in principle, you are not able to stand up for yourself. This makes you a Libra somewhat vulnerable. Disharmony in your environment quickly causes you to become disturbed from within. The desire for harmony and peacefulness can make Libra somewhat vulnerable, especially in the first 20 years of life. As a Libra, you can find the other person’s opinion just as important as your own. This makes it difficult for you to speak up for or against anything because you see two sides to every story.

For you, as a Libra, it is important that you are aware of the fact that the two scales are supported by the upright in the middle. This center is the anchor and it should be stable so that if one argument outweighs the other, this is not a problem. Not everything has to be equally important and equal.

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Libra constellation falls under the element of Air

People born under the Libra zodiac sign generally have a well-developed mindset. As a Libra, you can quickly understand the things that you find interesting and quickly give them a place. You come across as amiable,   eager to learn, and curious. Because of your rapid information processing, you often know something about many different things. Libra is the peace-bringer of the zodiac. You try to say your things without choosing anything.

The character of the zodiac sign Libra

People with a Libra horoscope initially have a pleasant impression of others. Libras flourish in harmonious environments. That is why you are inclined to always create a pleasant and peaceful association with everyone. Because of your strong aversion to conflict, you as a Libra try to be diplomatic under those circumstances. You will try to bring the warring factions together. This can also cause you to feel sad at times because you may feel that you often end up in conflict. As a Libra, you are someone who has a predisposed sense of beauty and is sensitive to the way things look. This can make you create yourself.

Libra zodiac sign in love and relationships

In love, people whose horoscopes are Libra are people who have a strong need for a peaceful environment in which everything is profound, sincere, and peaceful.

Libras have a highly developed sense of artistic and aesthetic matters. This may also be the reason that as a Libra you have a strong interest in the visual arts, music, and/or literature. These interests probably stem from your own talents in that area. You probably didn’t develop these talents until later in life. This is due to your need to be liked, your initial focus will be on the needs of your friends and/or relationship.

As a Libra, you may enjoy working with a friend or partner. It is possible that you have not developed your talents because of too little self-esteem and fear for your own creative ability. You will then be more inclined to help others in their development. The danger of this is that you will sell yourself short because you as a Libra also need recognition.

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How does a Libra deal with love

In love, people with the zodiac sign Libra like to please others. As a Libra, you feel good when you can enchant the other person, where it is very important to you that the other person likes you. Your appearance is important to you as a Libra. Sometimes the outside is even more essential to you than the inside. This is not because you are superficial, but because what you see confirms what you feel. Often it also shows how you take care of your environment, how you feel.

You like to create a pleasant atmosphere in order to pamper the other. As a Libra, you flourish in a harmonious environment. Love relationships are very important to you. You find it difficult to be alone and this sometimes (indirectly) influences the choices you make in a love relationship/love. Because of your fear of conflict, as a Libra, you can allow misunderstandings to persist in a love affair for a long time, even if they are at the expense of yourself.

Your need for ‘ the sweet peace ‘ can eventually cause you to end up in a status quo when you are dissatisfied with the relationship. You create a pleasant atmosphere but expect the other person to come up with the actual solution. People with a horoscope can then be very rational and have trouble still feeling. Once you are in this spiral, it can have an oppressive effect on your libido. That is why it can be essential for you within a relationship to (learn to) dare to enter into a conflict so that you can continue to feel and be physical.

The Venus energy of a Libra

The symbol of justice, the blindfolded woman, is Venus. The urge to weigh everything up and not really choose anything makes you as Libra sometimes come across as a real doubtYour urge to be fair is beautiful, but it can also make it difficult for you in daily life. The desire for a peaceful environment sometimes makes you prefer to sweep the dirt under the tablecloth because of this Venus forces. You would rather go for the “sweet peace” than real peace. Venus is simply not a fighter but a mediator. Venus also reflects our sense of beauty, art, and aesthetics.


Libra zodiac sign and work

For you, born under the zodiac sign of Libra, you have a pleasant working attitude that makes it easy for you to collaborate with others. In addition, it is good for you to ensure that there is a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Because of your diplomatic ability, as a Libra, you are well able to bring out the good in others. Your natural sense of justice ensures that you do not exclude anyone.

Professions that fit a Libra’s work posture:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Grand artists
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauticians
  • Painters
  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Mediators
  • Politicians
  • Designers
  • Sellers
  • Diplomats
  • Relationship therapist
  • Host / lady

An important strength that you bring with you in your work is that you are able to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Libra zodiac sign and sexuality

The Libra sign is an Air sign and controlled by Venus this combination ensures that you are not as assertive. In sexuality, you as a Libra are primarily looking for harmony and refined feelings. You are romantic by nature and you would rather be conquered than have to take these first steps yourself. Rather, you are a seducer who shows yourself at his / her best in love and sexuality. Moving the other and evoking the desire in the other are, in sexuality and in love, your secret active weapons.

Before a Libra can be set up, it is also important that harmony and peace are experienced. In disharmony, Libra’s style of communication can become cold and harsh. It is important for you as a Libra that a nice atmosphere is created before you get into the love game. For you, having sex regularly is not only an expression of lust but, due to the atmosphere that goes with it, also a qualification of the love bond between you and the other.

Money and the horoscope Libra

With Libra as a horoscope, you are someone who handles money well and you will rarely spend your money immediately. That only happens if you really like something. Usually, you consider things before spending any money. If you as a Libra feel good about yourself, you know how to handle money very well.

As a Libra, you do need someone who stands behind you and with whom you can make decisions together. Someone you trust and who can thus function as a sounding board with regard to your own questions. As a Libra you are not very decisive, you can sometimes deliberate for too long when it comes to important financial issues. Certainly, in business, you sometimes need the guts and the will to ensure that it also works out well for yourself. Because of your diplomatic way of negotiating, you often try to create a win-win situation. It goes without saying that when it comes to your own wallet, this is not always possible or the best approach.

With Libra as a horoscope, you are someone who can properly estimate the beauty and value of things. This is an excellent way for you to manage your money, invest it in things that keep their value.

Tip: don’t become too dependent on others financially and make sure you develop a healthy selfish attitude to take care of yourself.

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Also affects the character of the Libra

As a Libra, you feel happiest when you come across as someone who is righteous and from that point of view can name the differences of others without judging. You enjoy it when you can let someone else experience the beauty of life, especially on an artistic level. This is partly due to your desire to be creative and artistic in some way. For your happiness, it is important that you know that you feel loved and that you don’t have to fight for your place. As a Libra, you want to be seen as someone who takes others into account and tries to bring out the best in them. In addition, having a relationship is very essential for your happiness. You absolutely want to belong to someone, someone who visibly supports you with strength and courage.

Also affects the character of the Libra

Libra is a masculine sign.

The planet that belongs to Libra is Venus, also called the ruler of Libra.

The temperament associated with Libra is sanguine. Sanguine people have spunky, energetic temperaments.

The Apostle who fits the Libra is Matthew.

Special numbers that belong to the Libra are 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 (and then always 9).