Does she like me: The 27 signals that give you the answer

Does she like me? If you like a woman, you naturally want a quick answer to that question. If only because it removes uncertainty.But did you know that women quite often let a man know when they like him?Unfortunately, the problem with us men is often that we simply do not understand. In other words, not recognizing women’s signals as such.

Why you don’t know if a woman likes you

And with that, the question is, “How do you know if a woman likes you?” a very common one. The answer to that question is also relatively simple and is: “Watch and listen to her carefully while you are in her company and talk to her and it will become clear to you.”

But there is one problem. Many a man will not talk to a woman just like that until he knows if she likes him. Because you will be rejected once again.

And so the opinion of man first looks at a woman for a long time and examines whether she gives signals that she might like him.

However, men who approach women in such a way are generally:

  1. Wondering too many things about himself. Also during interactions with women. In other words, he is more concerned with his thoughts than her.
  2. Can imagine so hard that a nice woman might like him that he completely misses it when it really is.
  3. Convinced that a woman can never just like him without having to do his best first.

Actually, it is quite strange that this often only happens to you if you seriously like a woman.

Because after all, as a healthy guy, you actually know instinctively quite well whether another person likes you or not, or at least appreciates your presence or not.

For example, you know very well that if someone does not look at you very cheerfully and hardly reacts when you say something to him or her, that person does not really appreciate your company.

Just as you feel very well that when someone smiles at you and chats with you, he or she appreciates your company.

But that flawless feeling often seems to be turned off completely automatically when we get into a conversation with a woman we like more than average. Before we start to believe that a woman seriously likes us, she should say something like, “I like you, do you want to sleep with me?”.

But no healthy, fun, down-to-earth woman is going to say that. So you will have to do something that will make you see and also believe that a woman really likes you.

How do you see a woman likes you?

Let’s start at the beginning. You see a woman or you may have seen her before. How do you see a woman likes you?

Of course, you will never know for sure, but that should be the challenge for you as a man.

But a good indication that she might like you and would like to meet you is: if she looks at you and makes eye contact with you. This should be enough for you to make eye contact with her and to approach her for a chat.

For two reasons:

  1. If a woman seeks eye contact with you and you don’t respond, she may try again afterward. If you do not respond, she will assume that you are not interested in her.
  2. If you immediately take action when a woman seeks eye contact with you, you immediately make it clear to her that you are cut from the right ‘male’ wood. Which will immediately increase her interest in you?

But once you talk to her, how do you tell if she really likes you? The clearest indicators that tell you that a woman likes you when you talk to her are:

  1. That she looks at you.
  2. That she listens to you with interest.
  3. That she invests in the conversation. For example, by asking you questions and by asking what you say.
  4. That she will ask you more and more personal questions because she becomes more and more curious about who you are.
  5. That she provides comprehensive answers to the questions you ask. And tells you, as it were, much more than you asked.
  6. That she subtly adjusts her opinion to yours and the positions she takes slowly disprove when you don’t agree with her.
  7. That she gets closer or closer to you while you are talking.
  8. That she touches you more and more while she talks to you.

For a man who has at least a little confidence in himself and who also dares to take some risk, this should be enough to take action and start seeing her more often.

But if you are a bit more careful and still want some more certainties before considering the next action, you can try to discover the following indicators:

  1. When you are approached from the side by someone, this is less threatening than when someone is suddenly right in front of you. That’s exactly the same for a woman. So when a woman decides to stand up in front of you slowly but surely, it indicates that she trusts and likes you.
  2. When you are talking to a woman, eye contact is an important aspect. And if you regularly look a woman in the eye while talking to her, the more she likes you, you will discover that she keeps looking in your eyes longer and longer than would be strictly necessary.
  3. If someone’s feet are and remain facing you, it usually means that person likes to be with you and has no intention of leaving you soon.
  4. She fiddles with clothes and hair as if she thinks it is not good enough for you.
  5. She improves her posture. It is better to stand or sit up straight with her chest forward.

However, you have to realize that the more you search for certainties, the more insecure you will unconsciously appear to a woman. And uncertainty is something that definitely doesn’t make you more fun and attractive to a woman.

Moreover, too much searching for certainties while you are with her means that your full attention is not on her and what she says. And that is also something with which you do not make yourself more attractive to a woman.

What you make yourself ferociously attractive, on the other hand, is simply to assume that she likes you and act accordingly. Because it radiates a lot of self-confidence. And as you may know, there is virtually nothing that can help you win a woman over you faster than by showing self-confidence.

In other words, checking if she likes you is fine, but don’t overdo it.

Above all, try to trust your feelings. And take immediate action as soon as you even feel she likes you enough to spend more time with you.

Because waiting usually only reduces your chances.

How does a woman show whether she likes me on Tinder or WhatsApp, for example?

What we just discussed works when you are talking to a woman in person. But what if you meet a woman via Tinder, WhatsApp, or a dating site. How then does a woman show that she likes you?

If you are in contact with a nice woman via WhatsApp, Tinder, or another app where you communicate with each other via text messages, it is difficult to see if she likes you.

After all, communication is mainly via text and body language is completely missing.

So she does not look you in the eye and you also do not know whether she spontaneously fiddles with her clothes or hair as soon as she receives a message from you.

But despite that, a woman can certainly also let you know via text messages that she likes you. Mostly unconsciously by the way. Because even in a text message, a woman will not quickly tell you that she likes you and would like to meet you.

Here, too, as a man, you will have to find out for yourself and take action yourself.

By the way, be aware that it is becoming increasingly important that you quickly find out whether a woman likes you or not when you communicate with her via text messages. Because we do that alone, more and more and more often.

So also arranging a personal meeting, or a date, with a woman, will increasingly happen via text messages.

An advantage of this is that once you have figured out that she likes you and confirms that by accepting your invitation to meet, you no longer have to worry about that.

A woman only accepts a proposal to meet in person when she likes you and would like to get to know you better.

During your date with her, you can fully focus on being with her and make a very important discovery: whether you really genuinely like her now that you are with her.

This is much more important to you personally than the fact that she likes you.

Moreover, when a woman feels that you are a picky man who is absolutely not satisfied with every woman he meets, it will only further increase her interest in you.

Anyway, we are ahead of things. Because we stayed with how a woman shows through Tinder or WhatsApp that she likes you.

Again, the signals that a woman uses to show that she likes you through text messages are largely unconscious. But they are no less valuable.

The signals that a woman uses to send text messages that she likes you are:

  1. She is regularly the one who is the first to send a message to restart communication.
  2. She responds quickly to your messages.
  3. She shares something with you via a text message without you asking. For example, she has just bought very nice shoes.
  4. She answers extensively to the questions you ask her in your text messages.
  5. She frequently uses emoticons.
  6. She teases you.
  7. She will let you know in many ways when you make her laugh.
  8. She shares things with you that trigger feelings in her. For example music, certain photos, or scenes from a movie and quotes.
  9. She often compliments you.
  10. She flirts with you.
  11. She asks you personal questions.
  12. She asks questions about your love life.
  13. She will send you nice, beautiful and funny pictures of herself.
  14. She tries to seduce you by asking hints to ask her out.

Incidentally, if she gathers the courage to ask you out, then there really is no doubt that she likes you.

Furthermore, it is important to know that you do not have to see all the signals before you can ask her on a date. About 3 to 4 signals are usually enough to ask a woman out.

Because here too, if you wait too long, her interest in you will only decrease and quickly. Which, like many men with you, can put you in a situation where the messaging started so much fun but ends with the woman’s disinterest. Which usually means that you suddenly do not hear from her anymore.

If you end up in such a situation, you can safely hit yourself. Because then you have obviously waited too long and the woman has concluded that you don’t like her enough to ask her out.

She likes me and now?

This means that as soon as you suspect that a woman likes you, you have to act. Taking action, in this case, means taking the initiative to take the next step together. For example, with a nice personal conversation, or a nice contact via text messages, a nice date together is a logical next step. And from a first fun date to a second fun date is a logical step, and so on.

Because she likes you is just a start. A start that ensures that she is interested in you and therefore wants to get to know you better. That is supposedly the only reason a woman wants to date you.

This means that if you want more from her than just a date, you need to make sure she not only likes you but is also attracted to you.

Because a woman only wants sex with you and wants a relationship with you when she is attracted to you.

Getting a woman attracted to you is simple, but not easy when you have little experience with it.

If you have experience with it, you do many things simply because you have experienced that they work. And if you don’t have any experience, you might start doubting whether this is really all you need to get a woman attracted to you.

Because really all you need to get a woman attracted to you is quiet assertive leadership. Because in doing so, you radiate and show masculinity in the right way and interact with her as a woman in a masculine way.

In other words, you show a woman exactly those qualities of yourself that make you attractive to a woman as a man.

In practice, this means that you plan for things that you want to do with her, then introduce them to her and plan a day and time when you will do this together.

Then you carry out your plans and take her on a journey with you, as it were. Where you ensure that all she has to do is enjoy.

With that, you give a woman something very valuable that really only a man can give her. Namely the possibility of not having to think about anything, so that she can relax completely and be completely woman for a while.

A man who can give that to a woman and who she trusts so much that she dares to surrender to him completely is worth his weight in gold and thus naturally ferociously attractive.

In summary, we can say that you ask yourself: “Does she like me?” only one thing should mean. That is to step up to a woman and have a chat with her and discover if she is really as nice as her appearance and appearance suggest.

Because that is exactly what you make yourself the man that women are attracted to. Something crucial if you want more from a woman than just a friendly contact.