Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective?

Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective?

You want your ex back and you are ready to reach your goal. Maybe a bit too ready. We’ve reported it before but it’s important to avoid putting pressure on your ex. You need a real strategy that you must follow next.

If you carry out our step-by-step plan, you will better understand the usage of no contact rule. You will be able to examine your relationship more objectively without falling into self-pity; and (very important) you can spoil yourself.

When recovering your ex, no contact rule is a phase in which you are able to find yourself again and thus increase your attraction.

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You really need to be ready for the big day, the day you will meet your ex again. On that day you will have to show your ex that you have fundamentally changed so that your ex can get a picture that it can all be different again with a possible new relationship. By this, we do not mean that you have to change your identity (especially stay yourself), but that you now look at things fundamentally different and that you can deal better with previous problems.

You may be very anxious to win back your ex, but remember that you have nothing to lose. Why not try again?

Why No Contact is important

You’ve decided to do everything in your power to get your ex back. You may be surprised by our proposal and you may even be disappointed. But do you really want your ex back? Then the time has come to put the ‘want to do everything about it’ out of your mind and not to contact your ex for the time being.

That means no more phone calls, no text messages, no visits, no birthday wishes. In short, you will disappear drastically from your ex’s life for the time being

You may find this quite strange, but it is really the best thing to do, even if you are so in love with your ex, but do it for your own sake, and for the sake of your ex too!

No contact when your ex has left is the best way to win him/her back.

Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective?

First of all, because you are no longer a couple, and if you pretend to be you will only suffer more. If you see your ex again for a few minutes, speak to him or her again, you will undoubtedly love it again, but it will not bring you closer to your goal. It is a short-term self-gratification. The situation will not get better in the long run and your grief will only get worse.

Second, you protect yourself from making mistakes and your emotions gain the upper hand. Otherwise, you are constantly reminded that your sister or something should have done, and turning back the clock is no longer possible. Don’t try to impress by begging, feeling pathetic, or promising your ex time and time again that things will be different and better from now on. Such behavior will only lead to even more irritation.

Third, your ex will be surprised to hear you say nothing more. Your ex is more likely to expect you to do the opposite. But if you pretend to let your ex’s rejection get cold earlier, you will also be able to disprove negative thoughts and ideas and increase your ex’s curiosity. Your ex will have no idea what you are thinking, doing, who you are dealing with, and how you are doing.

Fourth, how can your ex miss you now if you speak or see him or her every day? How can your ex realize what he or she misses when you are no longer there?

With the introduction of no contact rule, your ex’s desire will only increase and time will work its wonders: bad memories will fade and the best memories will predominate in your ex’s mind.

Fifth, you need this time of radio silence to be able to focus on yourself, to improve yourself, to become more confident when you break the radio silence after some time. In short, the radio silence will help you get a much better view of the situation, be sure whether you really want your ex back. Moreover, you will be able to think much better to draw up a realistic plan in the event of a restart of your relationship.

Of course, inserting radio silence is not easy, because there is a continuous voice in your head that tells you that you are in danger, that you can lose your ex, ask you what your ex is doing, and yet it is entering of radio silence much, much more powerful in reclaiming your ex than if you do the opposite.

If you are reading this article, you have undoubtedly tried many things to get your ex back. Maybe you’ve already promised your ex so much, you’ve showered your ex with gifts. And let’s be honest: did all this help? Of course not. The no contact rule is extremely important even if it is still so difficult. That is Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective.

How can you best introduce radio silence?

We give you a word of caution here: In most cases, it’s best not to tell your ex that you intend to introduce radio silence and take a temporary distance, but it all depends on how you broke up.

After all, if you inform your ex in advance, the effect will be much less. In addition, you risk your ex getting an immature impression of you.

So prepare yourself to stop calling your ex, stop sending him or her emails, text messages or letters or whatever… stop visiting your ex to try to hear his or her voice, to see his or her eyes. In short: disappear from your ex’s life for the time being.

Were you used to having contact with your ex via Facebook? You don’t have to remove your ex because it may appear immature to your ex. However, you can set that you no longer want to see messages from your ex. After all, it is of no use to you.

Do you have friends together? Don’t go there again and don’t ask them if they happened to see your ex. Is it your ex’s birthday, or is he or she taking an exam shortly after the fracture? It is best not to seek contact.

Your ex will wonder why you’re suddenly so distant, and that’s only good. Your ex will get worried and your ex may send you a message. When that happens you can simply answer, in a friendly, polite tone, but very important: keep it short!

Stay as superficial as possible and don’t say anything about what you do, anything about how you feel. Act like you who broke the contact. Also do not close with ‘kisses’ or ‘see you soon’. In any case: let it take some time before you answer, for example only after a few hours or perhaps a day. If your ex tells you that he or she misses you, don’t go into it but stay friendly and switch to another topic.

Do you have a party where your ex will be? Then come as late as possible and leave early. Show that you are having fun. Smile friendly and polite but don’t avoid your ex.

Are you a colleague with your ex? Keep the contact as limited as possible, but remain friendly and pleasant.

How long should the no-contact last or how long should you break off contact with your ex?

It is quite difficult to indicate how long radio silence should last

It is a question that we are often asked: how long should radio silence last or how long should you disconnect from your ex.

Obviously, a week is far too short, but usually, a month is most effective, but again, it is different for every situation. You may ask yourself the following: Are you emotionally ready to reconnect with your ex? If this is not the case, it is better that you extend the radio silence for as long as necessary.

How can you best maintain no contact?

Here is a list of arguments you can read every time you tend to break radio silence:

1. every time you contact your ex you regret
2. your ex cannot miss you if you keep in touch. Your absence is much more powerful than your presence
3. your ex will remember the most beautiful moments much better and he or she will pay less attention to the most negative experiences
4. during radio silence you have no chance to annoy each other neither verbally nor non-verbally
5 The radio silence allows you to increase your ex’s curiosity, jealousy, and interest
6. You can be proud of yourself if you don’t give in to breaking contact
7. If you are not in touch with your ex you can better control the situation
8. your ex has left you, respect his / her choice, give your ex the space he/she asks for
9. if you do not follow the rules of radio silence, you increase the chance that you push your ex further away from you
10 you will be much more attractive if you are less available
11. if you contact your ex will not change
your mind.
12. if you respect radio silence then you are less ‘victim’ in the eyes of your ex
13. you have no get in touch with your ex more, you will be better able to ask yourself how greeting your desire is to come back to your ex
14. you need this period of radio silence to work on yourself
15. radio silence is the best way to get rid of your heartache: seeing your ex can only hurt it more
16. if you break contact you can work better on your independence, and an independent person is much more attractive
17. your ex will get a much more positive image of you if you don’t contact him or her than if you would do it continuously
18. mysterious behavior increases the attraction
19. none of what you’ve tried so far has helped
20 Disconnecting is the best way to get your ex back and that is your goal

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Why is The No Contact Rule So Effective? by Alice Florence

Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back

Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back

It’s difficult after a breakup to determine exactly where you stand when it comes to your ex. It is almost impossible to get a clear understanding of the fracture because the emotions are at their greatest and the emotions are probably not as good as they used to be. Then you think: does my ex still have feelings for me? It can even be so confusing that you ‘unfortunately’ get a wrong impression of your ex.

In this article, I will explain how to interpret your ex’s signals.

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A frequently asked question: does my ex still have feelings for me?

I often get the question: how do I know if my ex still has feelings for me

In this article, I give you 7 clues, 7 signals that are very easy to analyze. There is only one point that you should pay attention to if you recognize only 1 of these signals, do not immediately think ‘yes! my ex still has feelings for me ‘, it is important that you recognize at least 3 of these signals.

Actually, like investigating an offense, the more evidence, the more reason to believe the person is guilty. So you cannot rely on just 1 signal.

Signal No. 1: You meet your ex in illogical places

If you come across your ex in a place that makes no sense, eg you are at a party of friends you haven’t seen for a long time or you are walking on the street. Suddenly you see your ex there. Strange right?

Signal No. 2: Your ex touches you unusually long

Imagine you are walking on the street and you don’t know that he or she is walking behind you. Suddenly your ex taps you on the back or your ex scares you. You turn around and your ex sees your horrified face> He or she immediately jokes. Your ex responds with his / her prettiest smile ‘You don’t have to startle me, do you?’ Of course, your ex wouldn’t have caught your attention this way if he or she no longer had feelings for you.

And imagine if your ex touches you just a little longer than usual. It may also be that your ex looks at you longer than you normally are used to. That is also a positive signal. After all, you know that non-verbal communication is more important than verbal communication.

Just think of this example: I tell you with a smiling face “you know, I am not happy”. You clearly know that that’s not right. The opposite is also true. You can say that you are happy with a sad face. If non-verbal behavior is not consistent with verbal behavior, your alarm bells should ring.

Signal No. 3 that your ex still has feelings for you

Here’s yet another phenomenon that points to the fact that your ex still has feelings for you and you will see the signs your ex girlfriend will eventually come back.

E.g. you meet your ex and you notice that his or her behavior is completely different from what you are used to. This can also happen if you meet your ex in a group, eg at a party with friends. If your ex is a rather shy type and doesn’t chat with others that quickly, then something might not be quite right if it suddenly does. If, however, he or she was usually a very social kind, and you all of a sudden see her or him staring sadly, there exists a possibility that your ex still has feelings for you.

Signal no. 4: you initiate appointments or seek contact

Especially if you have agreed with your ex not to have contact during a certain time, it makes no sense if your ex still keeps in touch with you.

However, it is clearly a bad sign if your ex still doesn’t reply after you have already sent him or her 80 emails. You should therefore immediately stop and insert radio silence. Depending on the number of emails you have sent, that period of radio silence can take a long time.

Signal No. 5: Your ex is vague and indecisive

Your ex can’t make a decision or say things that aren’t clear. For example, if you say to your ex ‘we will try again together’ and your ex responds with ‘I don’t know yet, I need time, I have to think’ it indicates that your ex is not yet fully behind / her decision is made.

Do a comparison of an ex who states very firmly that he/she will not change the decision, it is certain that it’ll be hard to get back your ex.

Signal No. 6: Your ex is abnormally annoyed or angry with you

It is often said that the pendant of love is not hated. That’s right. You can say that hate is actually more ‘derailed love’. As soon as your ex shows some form of emotion, whether positive or negative, it indicates that your ex is still thinking about you. At least he or she is still working on you in his head.

There is really only one thing that you can say that your ex has no feelings for you anymore. And that is indifference! If you’re ignored by your ex, that’s a really bad sign.

Signal No. 7: Your ex says “I’m no longer in love. The butterflies are gone ”

I can imagine that you are shocked by such statements. But remember that if you’ve been in a 10-year relationship, feelings can’t just be gone. If your ex suddenly meets you on the street after 3 years, what do you think what’s going through your ex’s head (and heart) at the time?

Very often an ex says “I’m no longer in love” when the relationship has become too complicated and people don’t know what to say. It is up to you to find out ‘how deep my ex’s feelings are still before me; what can I do to control and change that?’

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Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back by Alice Florence