When Leo Man Loves a Woman

If you have reason to think you might be interested in a Leo man, be careful. Here are some clues to find out if he’s starting to fall in love with you. It is already your business that you want to take a step forward or that you prefer to escape. Thanks to the horoscope We find out what a Leo man looks like when he loves a woman.

When Leo Man Loves a Woman

When Leo is in love

Those of this sign is shown in the league when they love a woman, you just need to pay a little attention to the way you behave. Although they are confident enough in themselves, Leos do change their attitude quite a bit. They are good at hiding it, but when the woman they fall in love with is near, they get a little nervous. They can escape nonsense or turn a little red, but usually, they hide the symptoms of nervousness with an extra dose of cutlery.

The way of being of a lion in love

Being a good sign of fire, they are a bit extreme and over the top, So two things can happen when a woman starts to like them. On the one hand, they may start to treat her like the friendliest and most passionate man in the world, or even get heavy with it. But the opposite can also happen, they start to behave badly by taking their most arrogant face. In both cases, it is a strategy of protection against possible displacement.

 The passionate character of Leo

When they finally get the wife, they like to notice them, Leo gives himself a lot in romantic relationships. This zodiac sign is very involved in his love since he lives all his feelings with great intensity. Your love for your partner grows very quickly, but it is also possible that it will deflate as quickly as it has risen.

When he gets angry

The powerful character of Leo has a positive side as he usually shows love with great intensity, but he can also be very complicated to lead. And this zodiac sign is in a bad mood and is impulsive so sometimes you happen to miss bad words or exaggerated gestures with the people you trust the most.

How does cancer behave in Love?

They don’t make it easy for you to understand them. One day the partner is lovingly cared for and the next day the Cancer is grumpy with him. Cancer’s capriciousness should not be underestimated. But he is actually a specialist in love affairs, if only it weren’t for his own intense emotions.

Need for tenderness

A typical Cancer likes to think about romance and is very receptive to candlelight and piano music in the background, which lets him forget his everyday worries and he is only too happy to sink into loving arms. His need for tenderness and familiarity is just enormous. He likes to be looked after but also takes responsibility for a partner.

Relationship tips for a happy partnership

This is where the affectionate romantics come into play. People who struggle to openly express and talk about their feelings will not make cancer happy.

He is a family man and needs his cozy home, but more than that he appreciates the romantic moments over the years when he can look his partner deep in the eyes. He forgets everything around him.

Whisper love words in his ear and take him to Venice or Paris. Magical places inspire him and give him the feeling that love and fate are inevitably linked. It is particularly important for him to live together.

And yet you also have to be able to handle his whims. Because as loving and affectionate as he is, he can be surprisingly cool every now and then. Do not take this personally, but help him in such moments to come to terms with himself again. He will be infinitely grateful for your understanding.

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What is the sex life of the zodiac sign Cancer like?

How does Cancer kiss and what does it like during sex?
A gentle mouth and the beautiful eyes of a soulful Cancer attract the opposite sex quite quickly. Cancer kisses carefully, softly, and lovingly. He shows what he can do in a romantic atmosphere.

But he’s not always in the mood. He doesn’t like overly demanding kisses that take his breath away. Soft kisses on the neck or on the earlobes, on the other hand, are entire to his taste.

Sexual preferences

The crabs attach great importance to tenderness. Cuddling and cuddling are the most beautiful things for them and touching the skin is an absolute delight.

Familiarity is very important to cancer. A fleeting sexual adventure is therefore not for him. He prefers to take a bath with his partner, preferably by subdued candlelight.

The erogenous zones of cancer are the nipples, which the partner can pamper a little. But kisses and tongue games on the earlobes should not be missing to put cancer in ecstasy. Otherwise, he is more of a conservative lover. Too much acrobatics is therefore not required.

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Sex positions

The affectionate Cancerians value familiarity and intimacy very much. To take a long bath before making love, preferably with subdued candlelight, that turns the Cancer on.

They really get going during sex when their partner pats them on the breast or when their sweetness nibbles on their nipples. Cancers are really fixated on the chest.

Beautiful, voluptuous bosom makes Cancer men weak, more than any stimulant. And the cancer women like to showcase their bust size. The typical Cancer likes love games of a special kind in which the breast is the focus.

The Spanish position, in which the penis is rubbed up and down between the woman’s breasts until orgasm, is therefore made for the crabs!

How jealous is the Cancer zodiac sign?

Is Cancer Jealous?
Getting a jealous Cancer out of its pout is a thing for the experienced. No “I’m sorry!”, No jokes and no self-reproach will help.

Anyone who has allowed themselves to do something that annoys cancer is subject to a ban that is maintained for a few days, and some cancers even for years.

The affair will only be forgiven if it is a one-off slip under understandable circumstances (for example, an intoxication during a six-month stay abroad).

Nonetheless, at some point, the Cancer has had enough of its own hurt and wants to return to the arms of its companion. He can forgive, but he will never be completely forgotten.


How does the zodiac sign Cancer fight?

How does cancer fight and can it forgive?
Cancer is very sensitive and is extremely sensitive to discrepancies. That’s why he tries to avoid arguments as much as possible. When the air is thick, it quickly crawls into its snail shell.

He’d rather give in than risk a hard row. However, this makes it easy for others to undercut him. He should learn to represent his interests better – it doesn’t have to be loud.

On the other hand, people who are dealing with cancer should be very sensitive to possible differences. Anyone who stumbles or slams doors here will piss off cancer and lose their trust.

This is how the zodiac sign Cancer celebrates its wedding.

How does Cancer organize his wedding?
Emotional and romantic

Values? such as closeness, togetherness, and family are very important to Cancer. That is why a wedding is simply part of a solid partnership for him. The whole thing should of course be designed accordingly and the preparations can take a while.

Not because the celebration is particularly pompous, but because it should be particularly emotional. It is not so important to the crabs that the guest list is particularly long. But the closest friends definitely have to be there.


Wedding in a small circle

At a small wedding, the Cancers have enough time to take care of their loved ones. They are anxious that on their big day, not only they but also the guests feel completely safe. Even the place cards are given a lot of attention. After all, everyone should immediately notice how welcome they are.

Culinary delicacies

A wedding all in white would be simply wonderful, perhaps in an idyllic castle hotel, where the whole company is spoiled with culinary delights. Even if the wedding is less elaborate: The wedding feast should be quite exquisite, because crabs are true gourmets.

Honeymoon in your own home

A honeymoon is not so important to the homeland-loving Cancers. They also like to spend their honeymoon at home in their own garden. If you do decide to go away, a week is enough for you. You should like a small holiday home on a picturesque Greek island. Then they look forward to their cozy home all the more.

Classic gifts are popular

Since they usually like to cook well and also very much, a cookbook is a great gift idea. Especially when it’s handwritten by perhaps even your best friends. But even with crockery or bed linen, you are at the right place with Cancer. The garden owners among them look forward to a romantic fountain. The crabs actually don’t care what they get, the main thing is that it comes from the heart.


Love – zodiac sign Cancer – this is how Cancer loves

How does Cancer love and which zodiac signs suit him? How do you conquer your heart and what is important to cancer in a partnership? Here you can find out everything about the love secrets and love life of Cancer

The love life of cancer

“Hard shell, soft core” – no sign of the zodiac is more true than Cancer. His sensitivity makes him vulnerable, and so he may have acquired an outer armor early on – due to some injuries. He’s definitely a person with a lot of depth.

But he is not only concerned with his own inner life, his concern and understanding also always concern the worries and needs of those around him. He has a strong protective instinct and feels most comfortable with his loved ones. Many Cancers are downright family people and lovingly and devotedly care for their children.

In love, Cancer is characterized by caring and the simultaneous strong need for security and security. He is determined by softness and feeling and looks for a similar emotional climate in his counterpart.

However, he is extremely vulnerable and easily offended. Others may find him moody, but basically, he’s just an extremely emotional person – and feelings are very changeable.

Cancer women want a partner who values ​​a cozy nest and a lot of physical closeness. This enables her to develop her full potential as a caring partner. The Cancer woman is completely absorbed in her family and holds on to her relationship, even if it should not be so happy.

The Cancer man is soft, sensitive, and extremely charming – he will happily read every wish from the eyes of his loved ones. It is, so to speak, the dream of a son-in-law!

At the bottom of his heart, the Cancer man seeks protection and security in the arms of a woman, which sometimes throws him into conflict, because at the same time he wants to be the strong man who carries his wife in his hands.

Cancers tend to put their partner on a pedestal and look at them with almost unearthly splendor. But hardly anyone can bear the pressure to meet this godlike image every day.

Sufficient freedom for both partners is extremely important to counteract the tendency to cling that is characteristic of cancer. Then a wonderful, stable and – very important! – A monogamous relationship is possible in which intense, sensitive sexuality also has its place.

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Which zodiac sign matches Cancer?

Cancer and Aries

Cancer is subtle, a soft tone type. He wants to look into the eyes of his flirt by candlelight and only dares to venture slowly. The impatient Aries is happy to do this for him in his not at all squeamish way. But cancer does not like to be taken by surprise, it insists on feeling. In the long run, therefore, there could always be arguments between the two about the right place.

Cancer and Taurus

A loyal, peaceful Taurus is a real treasure for soulful Cancer. He can calm him down when the rough everyday life is bothering him, and it is not uncommon for him to support him with practical commitment. Physical harmony also works. Gentle seduction and careful exploration connect the two in the long term. These two could become a real dream couple, connected in deep friendship or hot love.

Cancer and Gemini

Cancer can have a lot of fun with the playful Gemini, as long as he holds his heart tight. You get along in good company when you go out and also on some mild summer nights. But the first autumn storms ensure that both realize that they were not made for each other. After all, the twin does not want to do without his hot flirtations, while cancer demands his undivided attention.


Cancer and cancer

A sea of ​​feelings lies before them. It is allowed to languish and rave about, presumably, the soulful Cancer greedily sucks up the romance and nostalgia with every breath. So much feeling is wonderful, but a realistic counterweight is urgently missing, which takes care of paying the towering bills and filling the empty refrigerator.

Cancer and Leo

They live a great romance novel together. As different as day and night, the soulful Cancer and the adventure-hungry Leo form a unit; as long as the Cancer pays the lion the desired admiration and in return, the lion shows a little more loyalty. In any case, both give generous strokes.

Cancer and Virgo

Cancer is impressed by Virgo’s intelligence and foresight. She’s well-groomed and only interested in a real relationship, just like Cancer. In addition, the two can talk to each other and describe their needs. Virgo takes the necessary time to lure the crab out of its shell, and with so much patience the otherwise shy crab will soon gain confidence and loosen up.

Cancer and Libra

Charming and resourceful Libra has a lot of sense for Cancer’s emotional streak. You can also find each other on a sexual level because the friendly lightness of the Libra seduces so quickly. But Libra takes its time to make a decision, while Cancer soon wants a solid bond. On a friendly level, however, the two form a real dream team.

Cancer and Scorpio

Fate is on their side when they both look into each other’s eyes for the first time. The following principle applies: Either it radio immediately or never – although the former is usually the case. After all, Cancer knows how to soothe the explosive Scorpio in a subtle way. At last, the Scorpio has the feeling of being able to let go. Ideally, the relationship between the two is meant to last forever.

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Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is characterized by his thirst for freedom and his thirst for adventure, so not exactly the qualities that a Cancer wants from its counterpart. Even a relationship on a comradely level doesn’t promise much, because the romantic side of Cancer is simply neglected, and in the long run he will only grumble if at all, accept that.

Cancer and Capricorn

Capricorn wants to be successful and achieve their lofty goals, and in doing so they will have little time to address all of the mood swings of Cancer. He certainly offers security, but cancer needs more, namely loving words, tender touch, and a feeling of total togetherness. But the Capricorn will never be able to offer him that insufficient measure.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer likes to be infected by the lively nature of Aquarius and sometimes tries something unusual. For a certain time, these two can go through thick and thin and experience an exciting time. But when Cancer finally wants to get at home, Aquarius prefers to move on, because that would be too boring for him in the long run.

Cancer and Pisces

Here you will find two dreamers who can cuddle together more wonderfully than almost any other couple. Gentle cancer and the soulful fish understand each other without many words and together they build a castle to protect themselves against the rest of the world. The Pisces is a real master when it comes to tenderness and closeness and will really pamper the Cancer.

This is how the first date with cancer succeeds

If you want to get to know cancer, you should choose a cozy place for your first encounter. He prefers a small table in a cozy corner of the restaurant, where one is entertained excellently, because, similar to the bull, love goes through the stomach with cancer.

You shouldn’t fall with the door into his house. He can be enthusiastic about something quickly but is by nature a rather cautious person. One wrong word and he withdraws into his snail shell.

So it’s better to first sniff each other carefully and then make an appointment for the next meeting later in the evening. By the way, this is much more familiar and open. So a little patience is definitely worth it with cancer!


It takes an infinite amount of attention to conquering a Cancer woman. Give her a feeling of security, put her jacket on when it’s cold, hold the door for her and pay in the restaurant.

She wants to be looked after, to feel security. She likes physical signals, but you have to be careful because the Cancer woman wants everything but not to be taken by surprise. Better to wait a little longer with the first kiss.


Warm the heart of Cancer and show it how tender and loving you can be. Smile, touch it gently and make sure that there is no lack of soft candlelight and romantic music in the background.

Kiss him on the cheek or stroke the back of his hand. Small signals make him brave. Tell him how romantic you are and how much you crave love!


Cancer Man is a teddy bear with whims

He’s a man that women love because he’s everything but not macho. Rather, Cancer is a tender and romantic teddy bear. If you want to meet him, the rendezvous should take place in a neat restaurant where the atmosphere encourages you to hold hands. A little champagne loosens him up and will encourage him to get out more.

Let cancer tell you about you. Even if he is a good listener, you should exercise restraint. A smiling and gentle counterpart is what he wants. A dim bar with piano music, far away from daily obligations, puts him in the mood.

Make sure you have time for both of you on a regular basis. Even if you have a bevy of children, you should occasionally leave them behind and go to dinner or a quick city break all alone with your Cancer.

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel, don’t forget the candlelight in the evening and the soft music in the background at home. Indulge in wonderful memories together and make a declaration of love for your cancer from time to time. You will win over his heart again and again.


Horoscope Libra: Unique Traits & Love Life + Tips

Horoscope Libra

Libra was born between September 23 and October 22.

Here you will discover which characteristics and character traits make Libra so special. What you will read about the Libra horoscope:

    • The properties associated with the zodiac sign Libra
    • The character of the Libra
    • The Libra’s love life, relationships, and sex life
    • How the Libra is with work and money matters
    • When Libra feels happiest
    • And much more…

The horoscope properties of the zodiac sign Libra

The planet Venus is the ruler of Libra. The Planet Venus belongs to Libra, which runs through the zodiac in an average of 365 days.

Venus in Libra represents autumn. This colors the atmosphere of the sign of Libra, autumn reflects the character. You see the full colors of everything that has bloomed back in nature. Venus in the sign of Taurus is associated with the beginning of spring and the growth of nature, Venus in Libra is about the beginning of finding the beauty within itself. Autumn changes nature, leaves fall and the lushness of summer disappears. That is also the case for Venus in autumn, the true beauty is within. It is in that beauty that Venus finds its safety, justice, and the ability to be objective, free from frills and frills. This also explains your talent as a Libra for having a good eye for shape, tone, and rhythm.

With Libra as a horoscope, you are sensitive by nature. Because you do not have a big ego in principle, you are not able to stand up for yourself. This makes you a Libra somewhat vulnerable. Disharmony in your environment quickly causes you to become disturbed from within. The desire for harmony and peacefulness can make Libra somewhat vulnerable, especially in the first 20 years of life. As a Libra, you can find the other person’s opinion just as important as your own. This makes it difficult for you to speak up for or against anything because you see two sides to every story.

For you, as a Libra, it is important that you are aware of the fact that the two scales are supported by the upright in the middle. This center is the anchor and it should be stable so that if one argument outweighs the other, this is not a problem. Not everything has to be equally important and equal.

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Libra constellation falls under the element of Air

People born under the Libra zodiac sign generally have a well-developed mindset. As a Libra, you can quickly understand the things that you find interesting and quickly give them a place. You come across as amiable,   eager to learn, and curious. Because of your rapid information processing, you often know something about many different things. Libra is the peace-bringer of the zodiac. You try to say your things without choosing anything.

The character of the zodiac sign Libra

People with a Libra horoscope initially have a pleasant impression of others. Libras flourish in harmonious environments. That is why you are inclined to always create a pleasant and peaceful association with everyone. Because of your strong aversion to conflict, you as a Libra try to be diplomatic under those circumstances. You will try to bring the warring factions together. This can also cause you to feel sad at times because you may feel that you often end up in conflict. As a Libra, you are someone who has a predisposed sense of beauty and is sensitive to the way things look. This can make you create yourself.

Libra zodiac sign in love and relationships

In love, people whose horoscopes are Libra are people who have a strong need for a peaceful environment in which everything is profound, sincere, and peaceful.

Libras have a highly developed sense of artistic and aesthetic matters. This may also be the reason that as a Libra you have a strong interest in the visual arts, music, and/or literature. These interests probably stem from your own talents in that area. You probably didn’t develop these talents until later in life. This is due to your need to be liked, your initial focus will be on the needs of your friends and/or relationship.

As a Libra, you may enjoy working with a friend or partner. It is possible that you have not developed your talents because of too little self-esteem and fear for your own creative ability. You will then be more inclined to help others in their development. The danger of this is that you will sell yourself short because you as a Libra also need recognition.

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How does a Libra deal with love

In love, people with the zodiac sign Libra like to please others. As a Libra, you feel good when you can enchant the other person, where it is very important to you that the other person likes you. Your appearance is important to you as a Libra. Sometimes the outside is even more essential to you than the inside. This is not because you are superficial, but because what you see confirms what you feel. Often it also shows how you take care of your environment, how you feel.

You like to create a pleasant atmosphere in order to pamper the other. As a Libra, you flourish in a harmonious environment. Love relationships are very important to you. You find it difficult to be alone and this sometimes (indirectly) influences the choices you make in a love relationship/love. Because of your fear of conflict, as a Libra, you can allow misunderstandings to persist in a love affair for a long time, even if they are at the expense of yourself.

Your need for ‘ the sweet peace ‘ can eventually cause you to end up in a status quo when you are dissatisfied with the relationship. You create a pleasant atmosphere but expect the other person to come up with the actual solution. People with a horoscope can then be very rational and have trouble still feeling. Once you are in this spiral, it can have an oppressive effect on your libido. That is why it can be essential for you within a relationship to (learn to) dare to enter into a conflict so that you can continue to feel and be physical.

The Venus energy of a Libra

The symbol of justice, the blindfolded woman, is Venus. The urge to weigh everything up and not really choose anything makes you as Libra sometimes come across as a real doubtYour urge to be fair is beautiful, but it can also make it difficult for you in daily life. The desire for a peaceful environment sometimes makes you prefer to sweep the dirt under the tablecloth because of this Venus forces. You would rather go for the “sweet peace” than real peace. Venus is simply not a fighter but a mediator. Venus also reflects our sense of beauty, art, and aesthetics.


Libra zodiac sign and work

For you, born under the zodiac sign of Libra, you have a pleasant working attitude that makes it easy for you to collaborate with others. In addition, it is good for you to ensure that there is a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Because of your diplomatic ability, as a Libra, you are well able to bring out the good in others. Your natural sense of justice ensures that you do not exclude anyone.

Professions that fit a Libra’s work posture:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Grand artists
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauticians
  • Painters
  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Mediators
  • Politicians
  • Designers
  • Sellers
  • Diplomats
  • Relationship therapist
  • Host / lady

An important strength that you bring with you in your work is that you are able to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Libra zodiac sign and sexuality

The Libra sign is an Air sign and controlled by Venus this combination ensures that you are not as assertive. In sexuality, you as a Libra are primarily looking for harmony and refined feelings. You are romantic by nature and you would rather be conquered than have to take these first steps yourself. Rather, you are a seducer who shows yourself at his / her best in love and sexuality. Moving the other and evoking the desire in the other are, in sexuality and in love, your secret active weapons.

Before a Libra can be set up, it is also important that harmony and peace are experienced. In disharmony, Libra’s style of communication can become cold and harsh. It is important for you as a Libra that a nice atmosphere is created before you get into the love game. For you, having sex regularly is not only an expression of lust but, due to the atmosphere that goes with it, also a qualification of the love bond between you and the other.

Money and the horoscope Libra

With Libra as a horoscope, you are someone who handles money well and you will rarely spend your money immediately. That only happens if you really like something. Usually, you consider things before spending any money. If you as a Libra feel good about yourself, you know how to handle money very well.

As a Libra, you do need someone who stands behind you and with whom you can make decisions together. Someone you trust and who can thus function as a sounding board with regard to your own questions. As a Libra you are not very decisive, you can sometimes deliberate for too long when it comes to important financial issues. Certainly, in business, you sometimes need the guts and the will to ensure that it also works out well for yourself. Because of your diplomatic way of negotiating, you often try to create a win-win situation. It goes without saying that when it comes to your own wallet, this is not always possible or the best approach.

With Libra as a horoscope, you are someone who can properly estimate the beauty and value of things. This is an excellent way for you to manage your money, invest it in things that keep their value.

Tip: don’t become too dependent on others financially and make sure you develop a healthy selfish attitude to take care of yourself.

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Also affects the character of the Libra

As a Libra, you feel happiest when you come across as someone who is righteous and from that point of view can name the differences of others without judging. You enjoy it when you can let someone else experience the beauty of life, especially on an artistic level. This is partly due to your desire to be creative and artistic in some way. For your happiness, it is important that you know that you feel loved and that you don’t have to fight for your place. As a Libra, you want to be seen as someone who takes others into account and tries to bring out the best in them. In addition, having a relationship is very essential for your happiness. You absolutely want to belong to someone, someone who visibly supports you with strength and courage.

Also affects the character of the Libra

Libra is a masculine sign.

The planet that belongs to Libra is Venus, also called the ruler of Libra.

The temperament associated with Libra is sanguine. Sanguine people have spunky, energetic temperaments.

The Apostle who fits the Libra is Matthew.

Special numbers that belong to the Libra are 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 (and then always 9).


20 Characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra

20 Features of the Scale

(born September 23 – October 22)

1. Libras are charming and seductive

Libras can easily wrap people up with their charm and friendliness. They also like to flirt.

2. Libras want long-term relationships

Libras aren’t looking for adventures or short-term, fleeting relationships. They go for serious and long-term relationships and are quite willing to look for that a little longer.

3. Libras are excellent mediators

They can mediate like no other in difficult situations and make compromises. They are diplomatic and can persuade people and look for a solution that satisfies everyone.

4. Libras have a hard time expressing their own opinion

Or because they always see all sides of the story, they have difficulty determining what their opinion actually is. And if they already know, they often find it difficult to go right against someone and defend their opinion.

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5. Libras have a strong sense of justice

They find honesty and fairness is very important. They also like to stand up for people who have been treated badly and openly admit their own mistakes

6. The Libra hates bluntness and coarseness

They want everything to be harmonious and beautiful. If they are angry themselves, they can be aggressive by the way. But it remains with words.

7. Libras are critical thinkers

Don’t underestimate a Libra. They sometimes seem naive and mainly concerned with their appearance, but they have a quick and active mind and they are critical thinkers. They can present their ideas well and defend their positions with logic and conviction.

8. Libras want to see for themselves first, then believe

Libras are skeptical. They don’t rely on the stories or gossip of others. They like to see something with their own eyes and draw their own conclusions before believing it.

9. Libras have a hard time choosing

Libras often have a hard time making decisions. Not because they are indecisive, but because they first want to weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages in detail. Don’t pressure them to choose quickly because then they get stressed.


10. Libras keep a cool head

Libras have a relaxed outlook on life. They try not to get worked up about unimportant things or make things more important than they are. This allows them to keep a cool head in chaotic situations.

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11. Libras are allergic to selfish people

Libras don’t want to have anything to do with people who think only of themselves and don’t take others into account. They ignore them and simply shut them out.

12. Libras always see both sides of the story.

But just because they see both sides doesn’t mean they take sides. They are more likely to try to bring the parties closer together.

13. Libra wants to please everyone

Libras try too hard to please others. That is of course impossible and they find that difficult. Libras must learn to listen to their own needs and not always ignore themselves.

14. Libras are unpredictable

Libras have that unpredictability in common with the other air signs ( Gemini and Aquarius ). Just when you think you get them, they do something completely unexpected. You just have to think that keeps it exciting.

15. Libras are excellent listeners

Do you want to share your story or do you have problems? Find a Libra to tell. Not only are they good listeners, but they also give excellent advice.

16. Libras are curious and eager to learn

They want to know everything and are always ready to learn new things.

17. Libras love to chat

Libras can talk endlessly about anything. From everyday events to important topics.

18. Libras don’t like to be alone

A Libra is romantic and if he or she doesn’t have a partner, the Libra is looking for it. They don’t feel complete until they have someone.

19. Libras are nice talkers

Libras can make things sound more beautiful than they really are. They are therefore very good at converting or persuading people.

20. Libras seek harmony

They seek that harmony in relationshipsin colors, in their home by furnishing it with beautiful things, with everything actually.


20 Characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign

20 Traits of the Scorpio

(born December 22 – January 19)

1. A Capricorn is ambitious and driven

Moving forward, achieving things, achieving success is the greatest goal in Capricorn’s life. They do not allow themselves to be deterred by problems or obstacles. If necessary, they start again.

2. Capricorn is practical and resourceful

Capricorns have a practical disposition. In addition, they also have a lot of perseverance. This ensures that they can successfully complete even the most difficult tasks.

3. A Capricorn has a quick mind

A Capricorn can usually learn easily and they are quick-witted. They are good with words, articulate, and breathtaking.

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4. Don’t keep a Capricorn waiting

A Capricorn carefully plans his time. A Capricorn will rarely be late. So don’t make him or her wait because it will put them in a bad mood.

5. A Capricorn suffers from mood swings

Capricorn’s mood is subject to change. They can be very cheerful and sociable, but there is always a kind of pessimism or black-faced lurking.

6. When a Capricorn is angry….

When Capricorn is angry they can come out harsh, almost cruel. They rarely use physical violence, but they have an extensive vocabulary to deal with you.

Capricorn is dependable through and through.

If a Capricorn promises you something, just assume it will.

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8. Capricorns don’t just draw conclusions

Unlike the more impulsive signs like AriesGemini, and Sagittarius, they do thorough research and check the facts before reaching any conclusions.

9. Capricorns don’t forget easily

Capricorns have the memory of an elephant. If you’re disappointed, let down, or betrayed a Capricorn, they won’t soon forget. In the worst case, they will banish you from their lives and never want to see you again.

10. Capricorns appear reserved

Capricorns are often shy and reserved when they first meet. They prefer to see the cat out of the tree before making friends.

capricorn man image

11. Capricorns are dutiful

A Capricorn takes responsibility. No sense is no reason not to do things. They are diligent and hard workers.

12. Capricorns are thrifty and sensible

Capricorns don’t like to waste money, nor are they likely to make impulsive purchases. They prefer to save their money.

13. Capricorns marry for life

Once a Capricorn has chosen to bond, it is usually for life. A Capricorn is not known for being passionate but it does have jealous traits.

14. Capricorns can be alone

A Capricorn doesn’t mind being alone. In fact, they more often need alone time to organize their thoughts.

15. Capricorns strive for perfection

Good is usually not good enough for Capricorns. They strive for perfection. They set the bar high for themselves but also for others.

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16. Capricorns are good counselors

Capricorns often have a kind of wisdom about them. They are often well informed and can, therefore, give you good advice.

17. Capricorns are conservative

If something is good, why change it? They find traditions important and are often a bit hesitant about all kinds of novelties.

18. Capricorns have a different kind of humor

Capricorns are known for being wise and serious. That does not mean that they can also be very funny. Their jokes can be dry and sarcastic. They also have self-deprecation.

19. Capricorns can also get loose

Capricorns have a bit of a reputation for being boring and solid. But they also often have a funny, crazy side. They rarely show that side of themselves and only when they are in the company of very good friends.

20. Capricorns fall for confidence and success

Confidence, confidence, and success are qualities that a Capricorn looks for in his or her partner. But if you want to get their attention, don’t be too pushy.


Everything about the zodiac sign Capricorn

In this extensive horoscope, you can read everything about the zodiac sign Capricorn. How are people with a Capricorn horoscope in love? Which professions suit the Capricorn? What is the Capricorn like as a child? And which zodiac signs match Capricorn?

English: Capricorn.
Date: 22 December to 19 January.

The origin of the zodiac sign Capricorn

The Greek name of the constellation Capricorn is Aigokeros (Latin: Capricorn). The Capricorn is symbolized by the sea god with the head and half body of a goat, and the tail of a fish. According to myth, the goat Amaltheia provided the newborn god Zeus. As a thank you, Zeus later gave her a place among the stars.

capricorn zodiac sign

The constellation Capricorn in short

Typical features of the zodiac sign Capricorn:

Practical and sensible
Serious and disciplined
Cautious and patient
Successful and ambitious
Funny and reserved

But on the other side…

Pessimistic and fatalistic
Lonely and melancholic
Stingy and judgmental

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Properties of the zodiac sign Capricorn

The Capricorn constellation is incredibly stable and serious and is at the forefront of the signs of the zodiac in those traits. A Capricorn is also independent, independent, and very reliable. You can build and count on a Capricorn. A typical Capricorn is confident and strong-willed, as well as calm.

Capricorns work hard, are not put off by their emotions, are practical, have a great sense of responsibility, are persistent, and are very careful. They keep going until they reach their goal. A Capricorn always does a good job. Nor are they afraid to complete a project initiated but abandoned by another pioneering zodiac sign. Because they are so persistent, they quickly become essential in every company they work for.

A Capricorn is always open to taking a critical and honest look at himself. They have a lot of respect for discipline, even when enforced by another, and they also have high demands from people who work together or among them. They are also extremely demanding for themselves. The Capricorn zodiac sign slogs through all of its personal troubles and setbacks: methodological, persistent, stubborn, and unyielding. Someone else would probably have given up long ago in the same situation, but Capricorn continues to persevere, especially if it is for his family or work.

If a job requires both practical skills and ambition, go for a Capricorn! Capricorns want to achieve as much as possible in both the short and long term. They are thrifty, but not stingy, and they always find a way to achieve great results with the least effort and investment. Thanks to their organizational skills, they can successfully complete multiple projects simultaneously.

The Capricorn zodiac sign has a lot of respect for authority and respects the opinions of their superiors. The downside to this is that when they are in control, they are less likely to listen to the opinions of those below them. They expect their subordinates to be as disciplined as themselves, and that every task will be accomplished to their high standard.

Fortunately, the constellation of Capricorn is very reasonable. Serviced and often very conservative, they may not always be the most pleasant of colleagues for many. Tradition is more important to Capricorn than innovation. Capricorns also tend to be very melancholic and pessimistic. A Capricorn therefore often balances on the brink of depression, although fortunately, they are still able to feel happiness, especially if they successfully complete a project. That is why it is extra important for Capricorn to also make time for meditation and self-care so that you always have the strength to deal with your emotions.

Capricorns often seem quiet and reserved, but they can really surprise you with their subtle and dry humor! Just be careful not to make unexpected and inappropriate sarcastic comments. But an experienced and educated Capricorn can happily control this tendency with his iron self-control. You may not expect these hard workers to be interested in spiritual and occult matters, but it is! Although they are skeptical, it continues to fascinate them (secretly or not).

Capricorns are very sharp and intelligent. They think thoroughly and deeply before making a decision, and try to work out all the scenarios and possibilities in their minds first. Capricorns have a memory like an elephant and an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge. They have a rational attitude and good reasoning skills. In addition, they have a strong ability to concentrate. They love to have extensive discussions and trap and outdo their opponents with their intelligence and logic.

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Capricorn zodiac sign in relationships and love

The Capricorn zodiac sign is uncomfortable in relationships, or maybe even deeply unhappy. They are a tad self-centered, but not over the top. With new people, they prefer to keep an eye out for things, and they don’t like to get involved with others. This makes them appear cold and distant, and people often get the wrong idea of ​​them. They are tactful but reserved towards acquaintances. Capricorns therefore usually only have a few, but very good friends. They are intensely loyal, but be careful not to get into a fight with a Capricorn, because then that intensity can easily turn into hostility.

A Capricorn is not likely to jump into a marriage. They prefer to wait very carefully for the right moment, but sometimes they wait so long that they miss the boat. Once married they are very loyal. Capricorns usually marry for life. They can be very jealous.

Suitable professions for the Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorns excel in professions that involve math. They are also very attracted to music. They are good economists, contractors, speculators, bankers, mortgage advisers, managers, and real estate dealers. They will also do well as civil servants, especially when planning and long-term vision are required. Because they love to debate and reason logically, they can also make good politicians.

Teaching will also enjoy and enjoy the Capricorn zodiac sign. There is a good chance that they will quickly move on to a managerial position within the school because they can manage and organize well. If they enjoy working with their hands, Capricorns can also become hands-on scientists, engineers, farmers, or contractors. And because they are so witty and sarcastic despite their seriousness, Capricorns can do really well in the entertainment industry too.

Possible health problems for Capricorn

The Capricorn zodiac sign rules the bones, skin, and knees, so people with this horoscope can quickly suffer from broken bones and other leg disorders. Capricorns should also be on the lookout for skin conditions such as eczema or even boils. In addition, if they worry too much or suppress emotions, they can quickly develop stomach upset. Capricorns are also prone to anemia, deafness, cataracts, and rheumatism.

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More features of the Capricorn zodiac sign


• Reliability
• Professionalism
• Discussions
• Solid basis
• Usefulness and goals

Hates …

• Wild plans
• Fantasies
• Jobs that lead nowhere
• Infamy
• Being mocked

Possible problems and solutions for Capricorn

Problem: People are taking advantage of you and your soft nature.
Solution: Think about yourself more often and be careful about what you do for someone.

Problem: People barely listen to what you have to say.
Solution: Don’t be too fanatic about your views. Value others.

Problem: Colleagues don’t like working with you.
Solution: You can be a good leader, but don’t try to be the boss when you work with people as a team or as equals.

Problem: Getting tired too quickly and unable to complete projects.
Solution: Try not to plan too many things at once or too close together. Try to take it easy and the problem will soon resolve on its own.


How to Dress For an Aquarius Man?

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man?

In order to attract Aquarius males, you need to know how they think. When compared to others, Aquarius males are more appealing and noticeable. They tend to be fun and easy-going. For that reason, if you need a fun and light-hearted relationship, then an Aquarius guy can certainly win your heart. This post is concerning attracting an Aquarius guy; thus use it and acquire a romantic relationship with your desire man.

Establish Friendship To start with
Do not let your patient go down because it is important to go slowly to build a relationship with men. To start with, you must make an effort to build a true friendship with him. Usually, you will discover them surrounded by plenty of friends who belong to various religions, statuses, and so on. So, making a friend for Aquarius is quite effortless. The first thing to draw in Aquarius males is to become his friend, you also need to accept all his friends.

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man image

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man?

Color That Offers A Good Impression
It is observed that many of the Aquarius guys get drawn to females in turquoise. For that reason, often select a color cautiously. Putting on the color of your man’s preference will offer him a wonderful feel towards you. Putting on something in turquoise demonstrates the innovative character of an individual. It’s a mixture of blue and green. The combination exhibits various characteristics of the character of an Aquarian. Therefore, this particular color is very fascinating to these guys. They will get attracted to turquoise naturally. As a result, they wish to find out more about you.

Be Dreamy and Imaginative
Should you possess a strong power of imagination, then it isn’t that difficult for you to attract an Aquarius guy. These men are frequent dreamers and also have strong imaginations. Therefore, speak with them and attempt to give their imagination encouragement. It can be done by showing a rare dream of yours to him. It will give you a method of getting him involved with you. Furthermore, he’d desire to evaluate your dream together with you. When narrating your dream, you possibly can flatter him by stating that he was in your dream. He’ll show you various attractive ideas about dreams.

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Body Gestures Is important to attract Aquarius Guys
In order to attract Aquarius guys, you must watch your own body language. For him, a rebel appeal will likely be perfect because they adore rebellious individuals. You possibly can pretend to become a careless one or perhaps an attitude of devil may care will probably be most effective for you. A terrific body gesture to seduce guys is an optimal way in this way. Always be cool and funky when you’re together with your guy and act with confidence.

Keep in mind that Aquarius males are very social and active people. For that reason, you should be very active when handling them. In case you are serious about an Aquarius man and wish to catch the attention of him, then watch out for things they like and don’t like.

Only when you uncover what’s going on with him, what his likes and dislikes, then and only then you’ll able to make him fiercely love you… or else he’s only going to get mad – because you don’t “get” him. Once you learn about the Aquarius Man Secrets, you will know how to boost your compatibility with him and the hidden mechanism in his mind, and turn things around even if he ignores or doesn’t like you!

How to Dress For an Aquarius Man? by Alice Florence

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You?

You may be questioning how to make a Gemini man miss you? Here’s how you can get it done. Gemini men have restless thoughts and restless curiosity. They’re constantly shut off onto the next thing which catches their attention.

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how to make a Gemini man miss you image

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You?

Getting a Gemini guy miss you might be a little difficult. He loves freedom so much that he actually doesn’t view things in the same manner as most other signs do. However, it’s possible, and listed here are the methods you can work on attempting to get you on his thoughts.

Keep Busy
The very last thing a Gemini desires is a clingy lover. So when you stay busy, he’ll feel less pressure that also can lead to him desiring you. Be Independence and it can turn him on.

Perhaps while you’re out having a trip, you can send him a photograph of you out working on your thing. He’ll feel good you’re accomplishing something on your own and also will happy you’re having a good time.

You can also send him a naughty text message. on the other hand, do not do this regularly because you must give him time to miss you. Regularly text messaging can give him the impression you’ve got nothing better to do other than bothering him.

When you text him once daily, that’s sufficient to exhibit you’re still interested without having to appear too eager. he may be turned off If you’re too eager. He loves a mystery.

When you stay busy; you can possibly send him a thoughtful present once per week to indicate that you have an interest but are sticking to your business to get things done. A driven partner is what he likes.

Yet again, it’s challenging to get a Gemini guy to miss you because it’s simply not their nature. Nevertheless, you are able to send small reminders. Simply by delivering a small present or getting one for him at his residence, he will think of you.

It’s not difficult to get him to think about you however missing you is a thing that needs deep feelings and it’s not something that comes easily for him regrettably.

Stay Mysterious
This guy loves to solve the mystery so when a girl is mysterious to him, he’ll make an effort to figure you out. When you don’t text him often, it will make him curious if you’re into him and what you are up to.

Perhaps call him during the weekend and tell him to meet you at a restaurant. After you have a nice dinner, let him know you’ve got things you require to settle and leave.

He’ll ponder what that’s about and if you will call him again.

Space and time
Here is the common method of making someone miss you. It could possibly work sometimes on a Gemini however, it might not. It all depends on your Gemini. They all are completely different according to other elements of their charts.

Having said that; they all are seekers of freedom. So when you provide them with lots of space and time, they will simply discover that they miss you. Actually, instead of you being the one to text message him; he may become the one to text you. That is one of several signs he likes you.

Perhaps the next time text messaging you, you don’t react rapidly. Get him to wait one or two hours before you reply. That can create a mystery of why you haven’t text back yet and what you’re up to. Even though not jealous, he’ll wonder.

for most people, absence can make one’s heart grow fonder, but it may not be the same for Gemini guys. They love freedom and as a result, they simply don’t have the ability to miss somebody or feel jealous. They carry on with their own business without difficulty.

on the other hand, you can at least make an effort to keep your distance, don’t react as fast, and permit space and time to find out where it may direct.

Get him to chase you
Becoming not available to his every desire can make him want you more. It’s the conventional perception of wanting a thing that isn’t easily obtainable. That doesn’t imply you should neglect him because he’ll become bored and move forward.

If you can make him feels he needs to keep working harder to come after you, then If he likes you, he’ll accomplish whatever needs doing to obtain your attention. You won’t need to prod him or push him to contact you.

It’s far better when you allow him to do the pursuit compared to you do. He loves to feel like a winner and that he has received a great reward. When you offer all of your spare time to him, he might love it initially but he’ll get bored and withdraw.

Gemini man loves having that separation and time alone therefore if you don’t back away and plays hard to get, it can be challenging to make him miss you.

Put your scent on his pillow
If you get together occasionally at his residence; you can put a little of your perfume on his pillow. This can certainly get him to think of you as he goes to bed.

It might not get him to miss you however it will get him to think of you which is a wonderful thing.

You can also leave your shirt under his pillow or someplace he is able to locate them easily. He’ll ponder the reason why you did that and most likely become stimulated at the mystery alone. Get him to guess at all times!

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You? by Alice Florence

Gemini Love Relationship With Aries

Gemini – Aries Love Relationship 

The Gemini is someone who loves his or her freedom in love. Gemini absolutely cannot stand a partner who is jealous, possessive, or sentimental. 

Gemini is often and eager to be the center of attention and are often smart, humorous, and fairly outgoing. Gemini is eager to learn, wants to do many different things with the risk that they want to do too much and therefore do not really get anywhere. 

Gemini needs a partner who gives them the freedom to do their own thing and express themselves in their own way. A partner needs to be a little bit exciting for Gemini to get his or her attention and also have to be able to go with the quick spirit of Gemini. 

Gemini has a good mind and can think quickly. Gemini loves information transfer and communication. 

In a relationship, communication with the partner is therefore important for the Gemini. The impulsive nature of a Gemini manifests itself in love and relationship in the tendency of Gemini to give up at the first small ripples in the love pond and to break off the relationship. Check out How Does a Gemini Man Express Love?

Gemini Love Relationship With Aries image

Gemini zodiac sign – Love Relationship & Sexuality – Who suits the Gemini?

Match Gemini with Aries

The love relationship of Gemini with Aries can be a good love combination. Both characters like doing things, distracting from everyday worries, going out, outings, trips, and having fun and can talk about anything and everything.

The playful nature and dexterity of the Gemini zodiac sign will attract the active Aries. Only the Aries will probably not have such a strong need for contact – both among themselves and in the outside world – as Gemini and will develop more own initiatives on his own.

Gemini will be able to help Aries to formulate ideas with his or her objective perspective. In this way, Gemini can be a nice counterbalance. The Gemini likes to devise plans and work out and implement the Aries of plans.

The Aries’s honesty and spontaneity basically match the fairness of Gemini, but Gemini may be too fluttery, but also too confrontational for the Aries. Conversely, the flirtatious behavior of Aries and the unclear definition of the term faithfulness for Gemini can be a tricky phenomenon.

It is pleasant for both zodiac signs that they both find the buddy feeling important and both also feel that the contact in a relationship should not be too deep or emotional. The capriciousness of Gemini can be difficult for the Aries. If there are conflicts or quarrels, the Gemini will often seek refuge outdoors, which the Aries will not really enjoy, as it will not be able to properly discharge (project) his or her intensity.

Sex – Sexual Relationship

The sexual relationship between Gemini and Aries will not immediately go smoothly. Gemini will sometimes find the Aries too direct with his or her passion and sex right at the target. 

For Gemini, it is important that there is a spiritual foundation and not a mere physical or sexual desire. If Gemini eventually experiences that this spiritual aspect is growing and is also taken seriously by the Aries, Gemini will be able to go more in the Aries’s strong physical passion.