20 Characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra

20 Features of the Scale

(born September 23 – October 22)

1. Libras are charming and seductive

Libras can easily wrap people up with their charm and friendliness. They also like to flirt.

2. Libras want long-term relationships

Libras aren’t looking for adventures or short-term, fleeting relationships. They go for serious and long-term relationships and are quite willing to look for that a little longer.

3. Libras are excellent mediators

They can mediate like no other in difficult situations and make compromises. They are diplomatic and can persuade people and look for a solution that satisfies everyone.

4. Libras have a hard time expressing their own opinion

Or because they always see all sides of the story, they have difficulty determining what their opinion actually is. And if they already know, they often find it difficult to go right against someone and defend their opinion.

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5. Libras have a strong sense of justice

They find honesty and fairness is very important. They also like to stand up for people who have been treated badly and openly admit their own mistakes

6. The Libra hates bluntness and coarseness

They want everything to be harmonious and beautiful. If they are angry themselves, they can be aggressive by the way. But it remains with words.

7. Libras are critical thinkers

Don’t underestimate a Libra. They sometimes seem naive and mainly concerned with their appearance, but they have a quick and active mind and they are critical thinkers. They can present their ideas well and defend their positions with logic and conviction.

8. Libras want to see for themselves first, then believe

Libras are skeptical. They don’t rely on the stories or gossip of others. They like to see something with their own eyes and draw their own conclusions before believing it.

9. Libras have a hard time choosing

Libras often have a hard time making decisions. Not because they are indecisive, but because they first want to weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages in detail. Don’t pressure them to choose quickly because then they get stressed.


10. Libras keep a cool head

Libras have a relaxed outlook on life. They try not to get worked up about unimportant things or make things more important than they are. This allows them to keep a cool head in chaotic situations.

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11. Libras are allergic to selfish people

Libras don’t want to have anything to do with people who think only of themselves and don’t take others into account. They ignore them and simply shut them out.

12. Libras always see both sides of the story.

But just because they see both sides doesn’t mean they take sides. They are more likely to try to bring the parties closer together.

13. Libra wants to please everyone

Libras try too hard to please others. That is of course impossible and they find that difficult. Libras must learn to listen to their own needs and not always ignore themselves.

14. Libras are unpredictable

Libras have that unpredictability in common with the other air signs ( Gemini and Aquarius ). Just when you think you get them, they do something completely unexpected. You just have to think that keeps it exciting.

15. Libras are excellent listeners

Do you want to share your story or do you have problems? Find a Libra to tell. Not only are they good listeners, but they also give excellent advice.

16. Libras are curious and eager to learn

They want to know everything and are always ready to learn new things.

17. Libras love to chat

Libras can talk endlessly about anything. From everyday events to important topics.

18. Libras don’t like to be alone

A Libra is romantic and if he or she doesn’t have a partner, the Libra is looking for it. They don’t feel complete until they have someone.

19. Libras are nice talkers

Libras can make things sound more beautiful than they really are. They are therefore very good at converting or persuading people.

20. Libras seek harmony

They seek that harmony in relationshipsin colors, in their home by furnishing it with beautiful things, with everything actually.